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I think I've finished online maintenance & stuff! I'd like to log on to DMOZ to do some search engine database stuff, but I'm only managing a small bit and there's never much to do.

So here is a quiz stolen from felishumanus

Have you...
01. Fallen for your best friend? No (But in my two main relationships, of course, the SO also became best friend, but I guess that doesn't count!)
02. Made out with JUST a friend? Yes
03. Been rejected? No
04. Been in love? Yes
05. Been in lust? No
06. Used someone? No
07. Been used? No
08. Cheated on someone? No
09. Been cheated on? No
10. Done something you regret? Probably, but nothing in particular springs to mind.

Who was the last person...
11. You hugged? Penny
12. You kissed? Angela... last year.
13. You talked to? Jamie, housemate, last night.
14. That instant messaged you? No IM
15. You had lunch with? The London Satanists
16. Who broke your heart? My precious E, by mutual decision for all the best reasons.

Do you...
17. Color your hair? Never
18. Have tattoos? None
19. Have Piercings? None
20. Floss daily? No... is this poll American by any chance?
21. Own a web cam? Yes
22. Ever get off the damn computer? Yes, escercise & socials, housework & sleep
23. Habla espanol? No

Have you/do you/do you have...
24. Considered a life of crime? No
25. Considered being a hooker? No
26. Are you psycho? No
27. Split Personalities? No, not even a split hair, let alone personalities!
28. Obsessive? No
29. Obsessive compulsive? No
30. Panic? No
31. Depressed? No
32. Suicidal? Impossible
33. Dream of doing things instead of just seeing them? Sometimes
34. If you could be anywhere, where would you be? Somewhere
35. What would you be doing? Government stuff
36. What are you listening to? Inkubus Sukkubus
37. Can you do anything freakish with your body? I can fly!
38. Chicken or fish? Chicken

Current Clothes: Black jeans, no socks, black pants, black t shirt
Current Mood: Impatient
Current Taste: Pasta & tomato & light herbs
Current Hair: Very short dark brown
Current Annoyance: Messy kitchen
Current Smell: Nothing
Current Favorite Celebrity: I wish they'd all die horrible deaths, consumed by their savage and brainless fans? Er...: none

Food - Efficient food
Drink - Coffee
Color - Black
Shoes - Big thick stompy boots
Movie - Aliens
Vegetable - Don't know. Carrots. But I have any!
Fruit - Banana.

Understanding - Yes, except of stupditiy.
Arrogant - Sometimes, I think.
Insecure - Sometimes, but pragmaticly self-affirming too.
Interesting - No
Friendly - Yes, unless you're a brainless beer-drinking pub-going moron with no life stories except pub brawls and sorry tales of poor quality relationships: Ie, if you're normal.
Smart - Yes, intellectually or appearance. I'm always color co-ordinated at least.
Moody - Yes, sometimes introspective-quiet-brooding-moody.
Childish - On occasion
Independent - Yes... no choice in the matter.
Emotionally Stable - Yes
Shy - No
Attractive - Yes
Bored Easily - No
Responsible - Yes
Sad - Sometimes, Charlotte... buy 80s music Cures me :-)
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