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Meet & Gossips

Went to the Sluts meet on Thursday, was nice and friendly in a pub I hadn't been to before (Lock Tavern (or something) in Camden). We filled a portion of the beer garden with a tight crowd of black clad yumminess.

I went to Club Slut at Gossips afterwards, and didn't dance at all - I arrived as they were on the EBM set, and after that the music was too random electrclash which I didn't bother to dance to... though I would have, if I wasn't socializing. Nice people were in Gossips as usual, and it's not hard in such a small club on a mid-week night to get to know nearly everyone!

Some of them nearly got into trouble by tickling Sarah (the manager's beautiful girlfriend, and respected Voofy's sister)... made my way home when the club closed some time around 3am.

Chatted to a friendly woman on the bus, called Sophia, and caused her to miss her stop, so walked her the relatively short distance from London Bridge to Liverpool Street, where she was due to meet an ex boyfriend.

Got back home Friday morning some time after deciding to walk from Lewisham to Lee, rather than continue on the bus to Lee Green and walk the shorter distance from there.

I'm really getting to love and adore night time London, just walking! Sophia and I stopped on London Bridge and admired the beautiful view from there, and pointed out two of the locations where we'd been to boat parties! After walking her home, I walked back to London Bridge to catch a bus to Lewisham, and stopped as usual outside London Bridge Building Number 1, a skyscraper which always has a black security guard in it's lobby, pacing up and down. Last time I was waiting here, I saw him go down the escalatar, and then keep fit/stay awake by jogging up the escalater the wrong way... he head bobbed up and down at ground level for a few minutes! Then, some manager-types left a meeting room, and he abruptly stopped (for fear of looking silly or mad...) and disappeared down to the next floor down. Fun people... the night time city.
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