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C of E

Liberals and moderates in the Church of England need to rally against the evangelicals and fundamentalists. But, the liberals are not activists, not hot enough, not forceful enough... or financially secure within the Church of England, so that threats to split by evangelical Church of England groups such as Reform and Church Society, have got the liberals by their (pacifist) balls.

The liberals need more powerful leaders and inspiration, Rowan Williams might be that leader if he can forge the way into this century and force the Anglican communion to accept gay rights and gay tolerance... but he can't run the risk of a split... so the liberals need strong leaders to de-evangelise the Church of England.

Otherwise our otherwise positive and liberal C of E is going to turn into another Bible-based fundamentalist tool for anti-human discrimination, anti-rights, anti-life... which is bad :-(
Tags: church of england, fundamentalism, liberals, religion
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