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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Anti-religious forces

"Anti-Religious Forces: Specific Factors Fuelling Secularisation" by Vexen Crabtree (2003)

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Yep. I believe not to believe.

For evil to succeed, good men only need do nothing. I believe these religions to be evil as they are nothing more than businesses. Therefore, if good men do nothing, these businesses will flourish as there are plenty of people willing to believe in anything....suckers! It’s about time non believers came together and spread the word of evolution which has got to be better than this religious crap that was all basically dreamt up by men who didn’t even have electric light

New Book Release...

Poseidon Books

“Deceiving the Hearts of the Simple?”

Indigenous Australian Author
Ashley Byrnes


This book is amazing, is truly an accomplished work, for with absolute factual and historical truths and accounts of the Jewish scriptures, and prophesies, combined with the Jewish history and wars. The author reveals and unfolds a hidden secret, a secret that will amaze you, a secret that the Church has hidden from the world for centuries, a secret that reveals that all the bible teachings and prophesies of a coming judgment, taught over the last 2000 years, are anachronism. Ancient history, passed events, prophesies that were already fulfilled upon Jerusalem over 2000 years ago. The author clearly reveals that these ancient prophecies were never ever meant for you or me, the author therefore shows that everything the church has done to the Aboriginal people of Australia and the world as a whole, with their and through their religion and teachings, have been done through a lie and by fraud.

Ashley Byrnes:ashleybyrnes67@yahoo.com.au

Deceiving the hearts of the simple!

I have read this book and you too will be amazed in how the Christians have hid behind a Jewish History... This books show clearing that the coming judgment is and was not ment for you and I living today.
The morals are fine in this day and age however Christianity should be vanished, How wrong is it that they get paid to lie to others!

Movements that should have made the "Anti-Religious forces" essay.

I'm curiuos as to why you did not include Deism and Thomas Paine as people whom delt a huge blow to monotheism in your essay "anti-religious forces".
After the enlightenment, and w/the inspiration of I believe Voltaire, Thomas Paine and his colleages blew a huge blow to Christinaity and Monotheism.
Paines book "Age of Reason" is one of the greatest influences on freethinkers of variuos type sup to this day, and not just Deists, but Atheists,Agnostics,Satanists,Scientific Pantheists, and others.
Paine and his colleagues in their freethinking and Deistic ideas and naturalism were one of the main forces that put up the wall{which has been sadly over time torn down brick by brick through the efforts of of Fundamentalists/monotheists} of "Seperation of Church and State' in the U.S.
The founder of and many of the main players in the newfound Universist movement{that unites atheists,deists,pantheists,trancendentalists,agnostics,secular humanists, and other faithless freethinkers} were indpired by Paine and the 18th century move towards Deism, and in fact some of them are themselves Deistic. Deists,like Atheists,afnostics,secular humanists, and Satanists, have always been at the forefront of the battle against faith,monotheism,fundamentalism,etc.

Universism currently is one of the greatest movements against the rapid decline of freethought and against the increase of faith-based monotheisms control of North America. It will go down in the history books as one of the greatest enemie sof monotheism and faith, much like it's forefathers in Deism, and objectivism, Atheism, Satanism, and other frethought movements/philosophies and irreligions.

Anyways, just thought that Paine,Deism,Age of Reason, and perhaps Universism, should have had mention therein that essay{allthough wait..just checked the date on your essay- Universism actually was'nt even founded till about 2-3 months after you wrote that essay, oops, sorry}.

Anyways, still, loved the essay, I geneally am very impressed by everything you write Vexen. You have a great mind. Keep up the good work.

By the light of Lucifer:


Re: Movements that should have made the "Anti-Religious forces" essay.

I agree, I should include Thomas Paine I think. I won't include Universism because the essay does (as you realize) predate it and specifically mentiones /historical/sociological established forces against religion, not potential new forces.

Re: Movements that should have made the "Anti-Religious forces" essay.

Yeah,you're right.

As always Vexen, you are a wise person.

keep it up brother.

Bill "Iconoclastithon" Baker

The Evil of Monotheism or any other Religion

Has the discussion ended so abrubtly? Pity...I was in such a mood to scream.


Universism{not to be confused w/Unitarianism/UniverSALism}
{sister site= http://www.faithless.org/ }
Unites atheists,agnostics,deists,pantheists,trancendentalists,and other faithless freethinkers.



In Reason:
Bill Baker

oops, printed link wrongly for Universism...

here tis again



Bill Baker

Anti Religious Forces

Theism is wrong, not evil


fuck jesus, ill put him on the cross myself

people get imposed doctrines without permited to ask questions!

how come throughout history people have never questioned spiritual phenomena when these have imposed doctrines on people? and why is the usual behavior to "listen sit down and take notes you're not supposed to ask any questions"! like judaism, christianity etc.

Isn't it obvious that freedom it's a two way street!

Is not natural to ask questions in this field when everyday life forces you to constantly ask questions and make decisions.

a religion wanting to make all your life decisions

I don't care what it is you have your own characteristic personality
your dreams and aspirations may not be to con out of people's money when & how you please & not take an honest job where you can sweat and labor for real money or rape young girls or brainwash and rob people's life and well being. shame on these fuckers who this stuff! It's time the american people woke up and brought these corrupted bastards to face up to their crimes. today is a good a time as any!

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