Vexen Crabtree (vexen) wrote,
Vexen Crabtree

Hectic Wednesday!

Stayed up all Tuesday and Tuesday night doing stuff, Wed morning I spent some time on the phone, went to Catford to do some stuff, came back and answered emails for an hour or two, then set off to Rose Bruford drama college, where I lent my support to my housemate who designed a show that aired at 5pm. It was a huge success, and it was beautiful and rather dark... with excellent and gorgeous actors, and a set that worked perfectly and exquisitely with lots and lots of re-use and multiple-purpose scenery.

I got to talk more with Jamie's intelligent parents, whom I like a lot, and who I accompanied around the college. The followed me initially because I seemed to know where I was going (first time I'd been there actually!) before realizing who I was!

I went with the whole crew and celebrated, and got food with them. I got on with all of them, especially the jazz band and technical musicians and the designers, and with the Director too, who masterfully implemented Jamies' designs.

But J drank too much, and became a very ill catatonic mess, so, carrying his belongings I made sure he got home ok... he was very dead, something to do with lots of exhaustion as a result of very very long hours preparing the stage, and then lots of alcohol on no food or sleep! Walking home, he said I "was a genius" for not drinking!

Anyway... apologies to Felis, as I've neglected her every day this week despite saying I'll chat online!
Tags: drunkeness, felis, insomnia
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