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Am starting a Cisco (computer & networking engineering) course at a college from the 30th of this month... it's a 26 week course, but I'm fairly confident I can do it in 10weeks due to existing knowledge.

Also, I have an interview with some military people on the 25th... this is where Vexen attempts to complete computing course *before* the government sends him on 2 month training somewhere in the UK

Am going to get a few hours sleep then get up for the Sluts meet...

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Cisco knowledge is always useful - it's got me where I am today, though the general networking-biz isn't quite as lucrative as it used to be: these days you need to specialise in niche-market stuff like security or content-based routing/switching if you want a good bite at the cherry.

Still - it could be worse - you could be studying for your MCSE [Microsoft Certified Shutdown Engineer] qualification!

just curious, but is that Cisco as in a Cisco router. I've heard of those things, and they're so cool. i want one, but they're terribly expensive.

Cisco do a hell of a lot of networking gear, from little $150 home/ADSL routers and wireless-access-points, through enterprise-level switches and other mid-range stuff, up to the big Catalyst-65xx and Gigaswitch-Routers [GSR12000 series] that are used by us ISP-backbone tech-weenies..

You can pick up the smaller Cisco routers [1600-series or maybe the older 25xx-series] for $100 or so each on Ebay. Essential if you're setting up a "home lab" to get your CCNE certification.

i've heard about the ISP thing. That sounds so kick ass! And that's exactly the reason why I want one.

I took a CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Administrator) course in high school, but I never got around to taking the exam. It's not very hard stuff, I think the most confusing part was borrowing bits for IP addresses. Good luck!

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