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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Pop culture

People drink too much, do too many drugs and are too inconsiderate, noncommunicative and dishonest. I don't trust people. So I'm fairly solitary, I don't have much to give people except quiet, affection, love. In today's Drink and Drugs world, a world of Sheep Mentality and TV life, who wants such a boring and strange person such as me?

I *am* a people person, but most people are just TV people, and I don't have much in common with such popular culture brainlessness.

Drugs, Drink and TV... Karl Marx may have said "Religion is the opiate of the masses", but he definatley hadn't seen what it was like in recent decades in the West... pop culture is an opiate. So reject it already. With a vengeance. Maybe if more people done this and therefore made themselves more normal and vital, I'd be less lonely :P

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Boring? No. When I get old and strange and lonely it'll be nice if there's someone like you around, to drink green tea with and argue in high-pitched quavering voices about the state of the world.

I think there are plenty of people like you around. They just don't advertise themselves by vomiting on street corners.

Speaking of which, do you suppose that the pavement pizza is actually a sort of territory-marking device of the street ape? Something to warn off rivals and attract potential mates of the species?

"street ape" is a term I like :-) But attract what kind of mate?
There is a culture of hopelessnes at the bottom of society (but maybe actually 50% /of/ society!) where people don't know better, have no experience of anything higher than the gutter.

I believe in a positive form of "boringness" which is closer to serenity & calmness, non fussy and generally low-key normal. That's my kind of boring!

It'd be nice with you to sit on a hill somewhere and watch the sky :-)

A mate of their own kind, to spawn the mewling larvae that eventually metamorphose into scallies and thence develop into spewing townies. I believe that the species does exhibit sexual dimorphism, though it takes practice to distinguish the fine nuances of the mating-ritual of roaring, fighting and vomiting.

I agree with your idea of boringness, though I equate it with my own notion of invisibility: that unless one has greater plans, one should seek to lead a perfectly inconspicuous life. It can still be a weird life. :)

I have been saying for some time that Religion has been replaced by the media. I admit that I was untill I read your post thinking of the way the press have taken over the job of defining what socioty sees as moral from the church but now I realise it is indeed far wider with other branches of media providing dieties (I have no idea how to spell that (Don't worry makali Diety isn't a word I have on my CV (yet))).

In The Devil's Notebook in the chapter "Some Evidence of a New Satanic Age part 2", Anton LaVey talks about the very same thing, that TV has become the new deity of the masses. He says, always slightly humorously, "One of our tasks is to develop a graduated system to type people according to their TV lifestyle"


"The TV junkie [...] like a religious nut, he follows everything that is going on in the media [...] Many TV junkies are not satisfied with keeping their knowledge to themselves and force their slave's acumen on others. They are comparable to the zealots who carry the Good Book..."

and finally he concludes that it is Satanic that mindless people will zone out in front of the TV, whilst others can actually get on with changing the world.

"Once it's been resolved in a Satansts' mind that TV is a very workable proponent of Satanism in its most practical form, then he may want to remove himself from the firing line..."

I think the "may" is a sarcastic underexageration...

The same proposition should include computer games, online chat and the World Wide Web.

Somehow the term `devil's advocate` seems inappropriate, but..

Y'know, I like some aspects of pop culture. I think it's unfair to dismiss it as something that holds value; It has a lot of depth and there's some good stuff in there if a)you know where to look and b)you retain some sort of control. The history of pop culture is heavily intertwined with human history itself and a lot can be learned from it. Also, there is a lot of art and creativity that goes into TV, films, computer games etc. The fact that they're mass-marketed does not necessarily imply that people didn't put their heart into them, didn't have a passion for them - it's just obscured by the gigantic distribution mechanism. It's not pop culture, or the media, or the drink or the drugs that are the problem, it's the distinct lack of will that people exert over them because it's easier to consume.

Everything in Moderation.

I don't dispute the skill and heart that goes into pop culture, it *is* an expression for creativity... for the ones who do the creating. And, of course, I indulge in many elements on pop culture, from packaged food, to the commercial world, to Red Dwarf and entertainment... I am (or attempted...) to appeal to those who do *not* moderate their TV watching, etc, and come to know no ways of self-entertaining or self improvement (ie, studying, learning, keeping fit, etc)

Well there I wholeheartedly agree with you ^.^ It just sounded a bit like you were dismissive of all</a> pop culture earlier on. But yeah, it's really just the people who sit and lap it up unthinkingly that are missing out. One gets the impression that they don't even wonder whether they actually like these things or not, that they just go ahead 'cause it's easy - and if they actually stepped back and asked themselves why they liked it so much they'd be lost for words.

There really isn't enough ambition or drive or need for new experience in people. This in turn (in part) fuels the resistance to anything new or different in the populace, and hence lots of other problems.

I shut up now ^.^

Some of the worst forms of pop culture, to my mind, are the internet, video/computer games, and e-communication like email and LJ because they substitute genuine & healthy person-to-person communication.

I don't care for TV whatsoever, so that's never going to be my particular vice. Nor will I play mindless video games. What I have to be most careful with is the net, that for me is the most dangerous "opiate," especially when I suddenly "lose" an hour or more while on it.

I feel very much the same. Being in college for 2 years I'm constantly asked, "Come on Raul, let's go party", "Why are you so anti-social, let's go get trashed"... People don't seem to understand that I enjoy having a clear mind and being in a peaceful, relaxed environment. Don't get me wrong; I do drink, but not to the point where I'm trashed. And only in controlled environments, with close friends, and on special occasions.

When I go to clubs I'll sit around and catch up with some friends, maybe dance to a song or two, and then I'll probably get bored. All around me are drunk and junkies, and at times it sickens me. I do a good job at blocking it out though, at least enough so I can enjoy myself for a bit.

While in college, I think my roommate and I were the only people on campus that didn't own a TV set. I did have TV tuner card in my PC, but I only used it in the mornings for the news while I got dressed for class, and to record The Twilight Zone late nights while I slept. I record most of the TV programs I like and skip through the ads, or download the episodes on the Internet.

Being the way I am does accomplish something very important though. The friends that I do have are very close, a circle of like-minded individuals, and a wolf pack of a sort. I'm much prefer such a circle of friends than to befriending every loser I come in contact with and become "popular".

I have this approach to relationship's also. I would much rather have a few close friendship's than a lot of empty meaningless ones. I do have both, of course, but I know which ones I get the most satisfaction from. I would say I have a few circles of friends, with varying degree's of closeness. I have close friend's who are also mother's, I have my gay friend's' my goth friends and I have my bestfriend, I do occasionally like to get them all together and just watch how they interact (or fail to) together. I see relationship's as dynamic, and this can only be so with close personal bonds. I have never had time for the vacouse, empty minded trilling's of sociable people, who plaster a grin on and pretend everything is okay, it all seems' so pointless and empty.

And whilst I agree that the media is the new opium of the masses, but I also have to agree that it has it's uses. And used correctly it can stimulate both thought and emotion. There are some worthy program's out there(Red Dwarf so obviously one of them!!) that thinking people can use as a catalyst, to review our world, analyse it, and see just how much room for improvement there is. I think that it is not entirely the fault of the product, but the mindless automaton's who are incapable of independent thought, that we have a society of doped up couch potatoes.

I am not one of those that practice television worship but I do drugs. I don't do them to stay up at parties and I don't do them because I am addicted. Oftentimes it is because I'm bored. It doesn't matter if I'm driving around listening to music or reading or hanging out with my family I will still feel compelled to pop a pill if and when I get bored with myself or the people around me. Sometimes the drugs I do help me to become more social since I don't really like being around people in the first place. Drugs sometimes allow me to look past the fact the people disgust me and actually interact with them for once. Sometimes drugs used in moderation are a good thing.

i only watch Tv cos its its either intersting or stops me thinking for a while and thinking hurts too much

i think i understand you.I feel often the sme and I am lonely too because of it.I watch alot of movies lately at the cinema by myself and i see all kinds go bye in couples.The same looks on their faces,the same stoned personalities.Why is it that the ones(lke yourself)with the most to offer have the hardest time finding adequate company to share it with?It is a sad sad world we live in,indeed.

Movies on your own??, that's lonely! If we're ever in the same country...

I intend to leave this one someday soon.Maybe we will see a film or two together.

Okay, maybe you should begin that with "many" or "some." It's too sweeping otherwise. ;)

I don't have much to give people except quiet, affection, love
And what, exactly, is wrong with those?? If only more people had those things to offer....!

In today's Drink and Drugs world, a world of Sheep Mentality and TV life, who wants such a boring and strange person such as me?
I don't do drugs either, don't watch much TV (and try to do it fairly mindfully when I do) and only very rarely ever drink alcohol. I ask myself the same question: am I too boring for the majority of the drinker-partier-raver types? I get quite bored (and sometimes disgusted) with obnoxious drunks, cigarette smoke and vomit and prefer to live a healthier life where my fun doesn't *have* to always be of the group/social type. So I agree for the most part and know where you're coming from!

I still think religion is an opiate of the masses, but it's been augmented by video games, spectator sports, etc. Now maybe you live around a bunch of inconsiderate people (why is maybe why you don't trust them), but I'd guess it's not like that everywhere.

Maybe if more people done this and therefore made themselves more normal and vital, I'd be less lonely :P
I've thought similar things, "if only so many people weren't [fill in aggravation-of-the-day description], I'd have more friends" or something like that. However, it never works to hope or expect other people will change to suit your lifestyle. You just have to change something else in order to be more happy, if that's what you're really going for. :)

Stopping the preaching now. ;)

who are you?

i think im in love <3 . . . for real

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