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Vexen Crabtree 2015

The Faces of Satan

I'm on the TV :-)

... on video anyway... it's got a three people in a documentary on various positions towards Satan, "The Faces of Satan"

It has:

* A white light exorcist "clairvoyant" repeating late medieval and post-Reformation stories about Satan, who basically appears to have obtained all her language from Poltergeist. She waffles on saying very little except for pop-culture new age white light stereotypes.

* A Christian priest talking about dualism and Satan worshippers, but apart from his statements that he only recognizes Christian Satanism or dualistic Satanism, was the most sensible person, considering most of the supernatural to be subjective and not real. He is practical and post-enlightenment in his outlook on Satan & the occult

* A Vexen who apparently is the only person who has actually studied Satanism... guess who doesn't sound like a paranoid, delusional fraud feeding off horror movies :-) But I have a funny accent and don't have a strong voice unlike the other two. But I say the most sense!

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Is there any way I could get a copy of that tape?

Will be difficult... I don't have equipment to copy VCR or to digitize it. Although I could get the equipment from a Uni or Uni friend, it's the summer holidays now... one day I'll digitize it so I can put it online (it's only 10 mins long), but not yet!

Alrighty, I'll bug you about it in the fall then :)

Oooh. Where can your admirers get a copy of this video?

I think it's impossible at the moment... I'll put it online at some point, but haven't got the equipment!

Well I slightly drunkenly hold the evil satanist horde with a picture of J.P.Sartre


Sometimes I miss not having a TV. But let me know if you do get a chance to digitize it. It sounds interesting.

/Stupid mode/ but aren't Satanists weirdos that drink blood and kill children and do naughty things to chickens and steal old ladies? /Stupid mode/

That would certainly be interesting to see if possible :)

You were very brave as well, I refused to be on a similar thing about Wicca because of all the editing that gois on to make you look like the stupid mode description above.

I can be a meticulously cautious speaker, and was very cautious not to even say series of words that could be taken out of context even from *within* individual sentances! Notably, of the other people on the video (only 3 of us), the Christian Priest was also ultra-careful in his choices of words and phrases. The Clairvoyant, though, just babbled non-stop and didn't really need taking out of context in order to look silly :P

Although brave, I have turned down the vast majority of such media requests. Kilroy (gawd) threatened to come pick me up from where I live recently, the person who they did "get", Siniquitous, wanted me there too merely to accompany him incase it got difficult!

You nearly got the bit on Satanists right, actually we do naughty things to old ladies, drink chickens, kill wierdos and steal kittens (not children - they're nowhere near as cuddly and don't purr!)

Here kitty kitty...

Oh's us witches that are weirdos that drink blood and kill children and do naughty things to chickens and steal old ladies?

Kilroy *Giggle* I was asked to be on that! I said no thank you.

Clairvoyants are usually the ones that give 'alternative' (ie not Christian, Muslim, Jew etc) religions a bad name.

I think they tend to appeal to the kind of people that see Horror films and want to 'be in legue with the forces of darkness' or teenage girls who see 'The Craft' and want to be witches...

There's actually a rather good article in this month's Cosmopolitan about 'Psychic helplines' if you're interested!

Oh, the cynicism!

I bet we could have a deep theological debate about different alternative beliefs and what combination of stealing/eating/drinking/naughtying they do to children, chickens, blood and old ladies. And we could work out the permutation of all possible beliefs based on observations of what particular acts individuals get up to!

Kilroy... *shudder*. Yeah.

This clairvoyant was *very very very* Christian, I just kind of grimaces and winced (during periods when I thought she was being serious) and otherwise got disguisted during periods when I thought she was just ripping off the stupid public by pandering to pop culture white light mysticism.

Psychic helplines? Help-A-Psychic, give today! You can cross their palms with silver via credit card over the telephone, just a small contribution keeps your Psychic fed and educated for a whole year!

Maybe a "psychic helpline" is speed-cut-with-acid, which they need to help them make readings...

I just get fed up with people who are supposedly open mother especially. She claims to be all liberal and spititually open yet I explain very carefully my own devised path and was pretty much drowned in holy water.

No matter how much you try to explain to the brainwashed 'liberals' as far as they're concerned Goths/otherkin/witches/Satanists/those into BDSM/furries etc etc etc are all of the blood drinking ilk...

Clairvoyant lines...£1.50 a minute to tell you you'll 'meet a tall dark stranger...' 10 minutes should get you a satisfactory 'helpline'...

Last year about £5 billion was spent on clairvoyant chat lines...*shakes head in bemusement*

Re: Oh, the cynicism!

£5 billion!!!

*splutters and looks at screen for a few moment trying to comprehend*

I know a women called Stacey, her friend is in the process of being completely ripped off by a manipulative clairvoyant. She seems to keep yielding to her demands... latest demands include, for the purposes of communication, that the poor client gives a DVD Player to the medium. And this isn't the first request, they've built up over time... I think some people are "abused by" mediums in the same way some people are abused "by" drugs...

I don't get people, for the most part!

Why does the medium need a DVD??? The all new and improved ghosty telephone system...???!!

If anything the most effective way is to use magnetic tape (as my great aunt did...and she didn't charge for her services)

Damn! I'd like to see this. :)

I'm sure you did a great job, I'd love to see the video one day.

I had a question: Does the UK military expect their chaplains to facilitate the "religious" needs of Satanists? I was curious because the US military requires it of their chaplains.

I have looked into some stuff to do with chaplains here, but I did not find an answer to that question! I have it noted to find out more.

Video is a short 8 minutes, I'll upload it one day. I am wearing a black suit, and come across as a completely different person to how I did in "The Other Side" furry documentary of 3 years ago.

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