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The Faces of Satan

I'm on the TV :-)

... on video anyway... it's got a three people in a documentary on various positions towards Satan, "The Faces of Satan"

It has:

* A white light exorcist "clairvoyant" repeating late medieval and post-Reformation stories about Satan, who basically appears to have obtained all her language from Poltergeist. She waffles on saying very little except for pop-culture new age white light stereotypes.

* A Christian priest talking about dualism and Satan worshippers, but apart from his statements that he only recognizes Christian Satanism or dualistic Satanism, was the most sensible person, considering most of the supernatural to be subjective and not real. He is practical and post-enlightenment in his outlook on Satan & the occult

* A Vexen who apparently is the only person who has actually studied Satanism... guess who doesn't sound like a paranoid, delusional fraud feeding off horror movies :-) But I have a funny accent and don't have a strong voice unlike the other two. But I say the most sense!
Tags: ego, satanism, vexen
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