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Potential new flatmat

We have a vacant room coming up in our house and the first interested person saw it today. The meeting went great and I'm very happy for it to go ahead! Only problem was that Chris locked him room before going away until Monday... I don't think he even thought of the possibility that we'd have a viewer just a few days after we started looking :-)

Poor woman, though... suffered a train-delay and cancellation on the way here, then a bus problem. Then, on the way back, there was a fire at the local train station. We diverted into a bus, that was then trapped by the road system and took ages for Bus Central to figure out a new route for it.

I was walking down London Bridge and realized, for the first time, "This place actually looks really fucking cool!". It was all spooky and dark with flickering emergency lights and a very subdied atmosphere. Hang on, I thought: The power is off. All the Cash Machines were off, everything wasn't working. Eventually power came back on, and signs went up saying that the Northern Line was completely closed. Guess which line our friend needed to catch... unlucky woman!

I'm busy. Have military stuff to sort through, exercises to do, the nice people who are representing my recruitment are well impressed with my progress, they say I've done enough, but I'll continue anyway. I'm starting at Greenwich Uni. on Monday too.
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