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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Busy squirrel

Doing well on my course, completed 1/13th of the foundation module. Just five more modules to go to get Cisco qualification. Getting on well with people. The "quiz" for chapter 2 threw the question at me where I was stumped (and impressed by the level of the question), something like: "What IRQ number is normally assigned to printer port LTP1?" and then proceeded to want me to assign 7 IRQ numbers to seven different ports... *errrrrrrr* I have no idea, and the information wasn't actually in chapter two!. Unfortunately, I can work from home. Bad because I have enough to do, but good because it means it might give me a chance to complete the 6-month course in... er... 2 monthes.

But... I'm not going to be able to complete it before doing government stuff. I'm still jumping through loopholes. Present one: They've filed me to go to a Recruitment Selection Centre, and will have a date for that 2-day event tomorrow or Friday, and it will occur within 3/4 weeks. Also I'm jumping through another level of security clearance... there are hints that they are going to interview family members and friends that I put down as my references. Also, they've "upgraded" one of chosen routes and told me they want me to aim, as a third choice, at a higher level because if I went in at the lowest level "you would put many of our younger officers to shame" :-)

Finally (hopefully only caring people will read this far :-) ) a friend is worrying over something and I want us all to send her some love and thoughts ok people! Cool. If in doubt of how to do this, send it to any squirrel you see around and they'll pass it on to me and I'll pass it on to her. OK. Perfect. :-)

Oh, I bought two more Midnight Configuration CDs... my poor, poor ears!

And I finally found a cheap (£2.50) copy of William James' "Varieties of Religious Experience" of 1901, which is a fundamental and timeless eclectic book.

Aaand... I need to go round charity shops and pick up some mundane looking clothes. Just a white tshirt or two. I'm truly selling my soul now! And I am also going to buy a suit that isn't all black. I don't like this any more than you do!!!! But, life is life and as part of my job I'm going to have to be able to fit in seamlessly with other people (not merely get on as I can do, but actually go unnoticed!), and this is something I have to prove at my interview. They warned me they think it's my weakspot. Uh: they're right.

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(Deleted comment)
Thanks flower :-)

I'll be back on LJ (at the moment I'm only responding to LJ email responses!) when I have less "stuff" to do.

Pack well. Here is a timeless piece of advise:

If moving room, the first thing you should do is get a bin bag and pick up *all* the clutter and messy things. Then pack as usual. In your new room, after unpacking most stuff, take the bin bag and just kind of pour it over your tidy room... and you get your old room how it used to be! All like lived-in!

...white tshirt or two.
I wore my suit for the first time in over a year, and i felt like a gangly kid just out of school, maybe some day i'll get used to suits :P

Mebe that's my weak spot too. Or mebe my weak spot is I don't have any strong points!

What d'you mean, 'your poor, poor ears'. I've got the 'dark desires' ep, and it rocks!

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