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Vexen Crabtree 2015



And stressed over finance!

Not enough time to do prep. for military stuff, exercise *and* attempting to complete Cisco course in 2 months!

But *rarrrrr*

I need to buy an expensive and perfectly suited suit for me (and it needs to be in the style of a businessman, not all black, because I need to prove that I can fit in with businessmen at my next interview), I also need to buy proper running trainers (the ones I've got are cheap!).

Not going to Sluts meet today.

I tried to talk to Penny but she's glued to the TV having her brain sucked out by Big Brother.

Hail Satan! *Me give me strength!*

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Suits ++++++++

Not sure if you remember me, I wasn't much fun last time you met me, I'm Kat's friend. Just finished painting my room red and black and now I'm coming down to London tomorrow morning for the weekend - to buy a suit! (hopefully). I'll be around Camden as much as possible, so if you're out and fancy meeting up to be silly for a bit, let me know :). BTW, say hi to Penny for me!

I remember!

Nice color scheme! :-)! rar!

I didn't know you'd met Penny though!

I definately wont be around Camden tomorrow though :-(, I don't know *when* the next is that I'll have free time ----

Hmmm... suits. I hear the "Agent Smith" look is definitely out from a business perspective.

Be Different. Wear Brown.

I'm more likely to go for ... oh I dunno. Was going to say blue but I can't imagine it. I'm going to actively seek out someone to go shopping with so I can get advice! Penny is my number one choice, but she's not here most weekends.

Oooh, suit. *feeds you fortified hazelnuts for extra energy*


Thanks, I got a slightly hazlenut colored suit now!

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