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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Took a break from college because the network was down, went into Woolwich and bought a gray/slightlyGreen jacket & trousers. I will search out suitable shirt/tie later on. This is the first non-Black suit I've bought... actually the first non-Black clothes, in many years! I feel bad!

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oooh you'll have to model them for us ;)

no a tie...will that be a lvoely one like these..?

Heh heh!

I got one of my ex boyfriends a tie that howled in a menacing way!!!

i remember buying a friend a lovely tie with a skull on it...

(Deleted comment)
At one company I worked for, where I selected the development team and was senior programmer, the entire web development team (er, 3 of us) all wore black all the time, and we could happily wear new rocks... and nail varnish... however I left that job of my own free will 'cos I didn't want to be a web developer my whole career!

I got a suit too today!!! Mine's black though...

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