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Pride in sexuality, shame on the Church of England

Gay Pride
Brought a tear of happiness to my eye to see the success of this 65,000 people event... it's wonderful and amazing! :-)
I know a lot of people who are going (many go to support gay equality and pride in general, you'd be wrong to assume everyone who goes is gay!), I hope you all have a great time :-) Shame I'm not there!

Church of England
For those who were semi-following the gay bishop issue, the Church of England blocked the promotion of the gay man on grounds of his sexuality. But events like Pride, supported fully by heavy gay police presence, and events populated and openly supported by government and social departments at every level, make me know that the successes of the homophobic evangelical parts of the Church of England is pale and irrelevent, society has well and truly marched well ahead of the times when religions bigotry influences humane tolerance and progress.,2763,999655,00.html
"swept aside by Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, when he summoned Canon John and Bishop Harries to Lambeth Palace and demanded the canon's resignation."

Gay marriage
With the same-sex registrar finally being implemented nation-wide (previously it was only available in London) and the expansion of it's affect to include full legal rights as you'd get from marriage, it seems that the UK has finally caught up with moral Europe! I'm proud of us, and Gay Pride, the UK rocks :-) OK we were a cool ten years behind gay rights in countries such as Sweden, Norway, Iceland and the Netherlands... but hey, better late than never!

"Never", however, seems to be the precise stance of the Church of England towards gay toleration and equal rights... it's a sad day when I begin to stop thinking of the C of E as liberal, and start considering it evangelical :-(

But, the future looks good :-)
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