Vexen Crabtree (vexen) wrote,
Vexen Crabtree

It started to rain a bit -- just drizzle. So I went for a walk... random walk around London. At some point I got a bus to Lewisham (a random bus - it happened to go to Lewisham so I got off) and I walked home from there. The drizzle was wonderful, and there was slight fog too, and the sun disappeared. It was still bright, but without (thankfully) any overcast.

I peoplewatched a bit, rode some busses, just thinking generally happy thoughts and being happy to be alive & in London :-)

I got back home and then it immediately started raining very heavily! Most people would think "phew, that was close!", but I was feeling more of disappointment that I'd got back and missed it! So I went for another walk! I was still wearing a mostly open shirt, but didn't feel cold. I like enduring different weather... so I'm kind of used to cold and hot weather, accustomed to it. And I never get ill either so I get to go out and enjoy it! (As long as it's not windy. I *hate* wind!)

Anyway having said that, as I got back I thought to myself "oooh that rain really was quite heavy, I'm glad I didn't stay out too long!"

Then I realized I'd forgotten my keys...

nah... not really :-)
Tags: lewisham, london
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