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Sometimes, this Cisco course is great, with lots of in depth technical stuff that it's kind-of fun to remember by making up memory games. At other times, the course material is ludircously unintentionally humurous (it is all in American too):

Chapter 11, section on server rooms and ventilation:

"One of the easiest environmental issues to identify is the temperature. If a network technician walks into the computer room and it is really hot, it means there is a problem"

Earlier in the chapter, I misread something and came up with:

"If the server technician is rack-mounted, make sure he is well ventilated"

uh, *goes to reread*

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We have ventilation now! :P

We impressed Michael on the need of a room in which the servers weren't melting

Ermmm, the fact that he got to use power tools probably helped it get done this century ;)

In some sysadmin-circles I frequent, describing a technician as "well-ventilated" would imply that someone had unloaded at least one full clip of ammo through him.

Shades of Goldeneye, there. But it was a good film, so who cares? (-8

Mmm... Famke Janssen...

What's been said about that big security hole recently found?

It was a feature that potentially allowed D.O.S. attacks to work well. There's a simple software solution, they say (BBC News) that only small ISPs which might not upgrade quickly are potentially at risk.

More details Here. I've been flashing switch/router firmware quite a bit over the last week or so... though ingress-filtering at the major peering points is the line-of-defence quite a lot of the netadmins over on NANOG are adopting.

just to say 'hello! I've added you to my friend's list now' - you /may/ remember me as Solulo... Ruin pointed out that you had a journal to me at the weekend.

Glad to know you're still about, look forward to reading your thoughts :)

- Cat /Solulo

Hi hi, nice to hear from you! I've added you back...

Word of warning though, my journal is mostly filled with pretentious stuff and web-site stuff!

that's okay, my journal is almost entirely pretentious! :D

I noticed, I got quite enthralled by it! I miss the days when I'd write philosophical and mental posts!


hi. saw this site somewhere within the webdoing a research. hope u dont mind. how did u get into satanism? what is ur usual lifestyle? do people treat u normally d way they usually treat other people? wher did u actually came to know ur belief? whAT made u believe in satan? please. i really need u to reply. email me:

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