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Tonight I done kickboxing and loved it! I came out completely utterly exhausted, something which the BJJ (last night) didn't do for me. I want upper body strength, it's my weakspot. So... boxing. And because I actively like proper kicking, running and dancing, I thought I may as well do kickboxing.

Last night I done Brazillian Jui Jitsu, which was ok. I loved wrestling, even though I didn't know what I was doing and I'd forgotten all the Judo I once knew (which admittedly I was never really good at). I came out of it with sore neck muscles, and sore craters on my shoulders and upper arms, and some mild skin tearing around my collar bone. Just a bit achey.

Tonight I done Thai Kickboxing, and it fucking ROCKS! I watched the class yesterday before BJJ, and done it today. Dancing for 8 hours at a time in Slimelight, in heavy new rocks, makes good prep. for a kickboxer! So does Vexen-style stamina. I loved the boxing, and loved the kicking, and I never stood still for one moment and instead danced; 'cept none of them had been to Slimes so none of them actually noticed that what I was doing with my feet would be called "dancing" by some!

Hardest part: Taking blows to the stomach. I get too tense & nervous about those ones. Easiest-part-that-I-thought-would-be-horrible: Getting punched in the nose by a 6.something foot black guy with muscles like a boxer.

I can do BJJ and Thai Kickboxing twice a week, each, on the same day (which I look forward to doing), but I can't afford it, so I'm going to stick with Thai Kickboxing most the time, and occasionally stay on, or alternate, and do BJJ every now and then.
Tags: bjj, boxing, brazilian jiu jitsu, dancing, fitness, kickboxing, running, slimelight, thai kickboxing
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