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Vexen Crabtree 2015

38celsius, 100F, woo that's pretty hot innit?

What on Earth is with this heat?? And they said it's going to continue to last until half way through next week... 38degrees celsius? 100F? We shouldn't have to put up with this!

The weather is undemocratic and does not care for voters! I think we should boycott it, or form a political party that does not put up with this kind of weather!

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I agree - it's Just Too Hot.

As to the democracy of climate, I recall a story I heard ages ago in which humanity had developed the ability to control the weather. Elections were fought between three main parties - the Macrothermic party, who wanted it to be hot-and-sunny all the time, the Mesothermic party who wanted a mix of temperateness and conventional seasons [with rain and occasional snow], and the Microthermic party, who wanted snow, glaciers, tundra etc.

What tended to happen was that the Macrotherms got elected - it was hot and sunny all the time, so everyone skipped work, went down the beach and partied. Of course, over time the economy went to pieces, so eventually the Mesotherms would get elected to power, turn the heat down a bit, kick in some rain, and set about the task of rebuilding the economy. Then the Macrotherms would get re-elected!

The Microtherms were relegated to a fringe party who took on the role of climate-terrorists, going round blowing up the weather-control stations.

This was all set to music by the truly-excellent and seriously-obscure band Sudden Sway. I can also recommend their surreal works“Let’s Evolve” and Hypnostroll

It is curious. Global warming? Hmmmm. I also heard that the Atlantic ocean is inexplicably cold this year. Very curious indeed.

Global warming causes extremes of hot and cold, of both floods and draughts. Out of interest, didn't you study it at school? I've just had a sudden fear that USA doesn't teach it in school!!

Global warming causes extremes of hot and cold, of both floods and draughts.
Yes, this I know. :)

When I was in school (we're talking up to 1980!), it wasn't mentioned much. There are college classes such as Earth Science which go into much more detail, of course. ;) Whether or not they teach it at public schools around here up to high school, I don't know. I assume they must teach something about it in science classes, but I'm not a teacher and I don't have kids. I could ask around.

Not so curious. I heard it pradicted that a large scale melt of artic ice may cool down the atlantic. It's even been suggested that this may push the gold stream south makeing the UK colder in the end.

You mean gulf stream? Yes, I've heard this too. It's just strange that the land temperatures are so hot and the water so cold right now.

Don't you have a lot of peat bogs over there? I seem to remember those release methane under heat, and methane and Co2 are what contribute to global warming. Some scientists & geologists are definitely concerned, to say the least!

I don't think we do... and if we do, they've all up north... where, coincidentally, there's been heavy thunderstorms & some deaths due to lightening strikes! (One strike in particular hit a crowd watching a game in a football staduim).

Yeah, the scientists have been warning about increases in this type of weather for rather a long time!

I saw that article about the woman struck by lightning. Yikes!

Shocking..... Sorry, to easy.

What you bitching about, You don't even live in heathrow....*sizzle*...
Atualy I was out alday in a TV studio... With TV lights... and giant battling white tiger things that seem to think some king of ripping the top off a beer can move is a hot pose.

Yeah, but in my defence I spent 8 hours in Slimelight dancing like a lunatic, then by the time I left the sun had risen and was cooking us all even more! Er... and at least one of the air conditioning fans in Slimes was broken too!

TV lights are pretty hot, yeah.

Huh? Hot beer cans? Battling White tigers? Moving beer cans? What were you an extra for a new poltergeist movie or something? :p

I went to see that a few days ago, having been dragged along by a friend who got a bunch of tickets. It was surreal. I got a lolly.

They kept coming round giving out lollies I did't really feel like one at the time but I kept takeing them and hiding them in my pocket for later. It was a strange day, I vote Big George most likely to have a christmas number one.

I've heard of it, but don't know what it is!

Why were battling white tiger things ripping tops off of beer cans? This is intriguing, please explain!

I think the beer can opening thing was more apearence than intension, Felis recons it must have been a bottle of milk. I guess you'll have to wait to see it when it's on telly.

Arr, bloody Commie weather! When we finally come into power, those socialist pigs will suffer!!! Mwahahahahahahaha!!!

Hey, keep the evil laugh a bit more subtle, you'll give the game away!

It's been reasonabily cool up here!

The warmest it's been according to my thermometer is 27.6c. It's currently 21.2c and dropping.

Bet your jealous. :)

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