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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Camden tomorrow

I'll be in Camden all tomorrow afternoon until early evening (when I go to meet)... any be around?

If so, txt be tomorrow sometime 07812 048684

I took a day off from college (I'm a good 1/3 of the way through Cisco CCNA (and have completed A+)) 'cos I wanted a break and Thursday is a good day because I go into central London most Thursdays anyway. The only chore I need to do is go to Kentish Town library to renew a book, other than that I just plan on sitting around and hanging out and seeing if I can bump into people who I know... or not.
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we coudl meet after my work, but i'not goign to the meet

OK, yeah want to sit somewhere for a bit before I go off to meet? (Well I suppose we can actually decide what we want to do once we've met too :-)

I was going to text you tomorrow when I got into Camden to tell you specifically that I'd be around all day

Do you have an account at The New York Times? There's an interesting article I'd like to show you but you need an account (free) to access them.

Yeah I do, what's the page?

Re: Crowds Flock to Back Biblical Monument

I'd read some briefer accounts of some of the events surrounding this particular obsenity, so I expected that herd to show up... luckily, as the article says at the very end, not one federal court agrees that any single religion has a right to position such a huge monster in any state supreme court, so it's going to go, all the Christians are doing is making the stakes higher (so that heads will have to roll...) by holding out.

The Bush admin is very pro-Christianity, but the Supreme Courts are methodically (and victoriously) pro-secular and therefore pro-Seperation. And they seem to winning more than they're losing!

Erm, I link to a load of specifically religious newsfeeds on , the BBC one is rapidly updated and mostly well written.

Re: Crowds Flock to Back Biblical Monument

Yup, I've check out your links before :)
Just ran into that article while reading about the recent Mid-East bombings and thought you'd be interested.

Re: Crowds Flock to Back Biblical Monument

Thanks I appreciate it :-)

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