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Thursday was good, had a nice relaxing wander around Camden, went to Kentish Town Library (renewed a book and got another one). Met a friend late afternoon and I acted as a sounding board for her thoughts on her current longterm relationship. (Which is something I was proud to do & was why I met her...).

Went to the Sluts meet, there were tons of people there! Had a good time. Amusingly (and this is typical of the London goth sluts insanity) when Clive arrived, there was spontaneous cheering, which then turned into clapping and congratulations. Clive, chuffed at his welcoming, said, "My job here is done..." and made as if to leave again :p Or someone said that that's what Clive should do, I forget.

Orinoco turned up relatively early (for an otter) and was good for people to meet him (as I name-drop him quite frequently, yet many have not actually met him).

I had used some safety pins to fix my skinnyfit shirt to my fake leather jeans, so that I wouldn't have to keep tucking it in all day... but one of the safety pins disappeared. Inside my trousers. After some scary moments, I realized it had made it's way down to my knee (I'll leave the exact details of those 'scary moments' to your imagination...)... and it then disappeared forever.

I missed Snow_Leapord, who left the meet before I arrived.

Yikes, this is a really boring update. I'm sorry! You should come to the Sluts meets, instead of merely reading about them, then, shouldn't you!
Tags: camden, clive, kentish town, orinoco, sluts
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