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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Great weekend (so far). Bank holiday Monday should be me recovering & resting, and nothing else.

Saw many people at the Furmmet (I was up at 9am on Saturday). Went clubbing at Slimelight which was great. Except I have no idea if Patricia wants to talk to me or see me. Confusing girl. Went to Starbucks afterwards, then to Kensington Gardens from 11am where I sat for several hours and recited & started to learn Czech.

Attended the BiblioGoths meet, who are a great bunch of happy perky sociable intelligent and nice goths :-) Hung around with them until 9/10pm.

Is now 11pm and I've been up for 38 hours so far...

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OK goodnight :p

41 hours...

Nightie night. Wiggies need beauty sleep. :)

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At Slimes I watched an hour or so of "24 days later"

It was harrowing and have left some excitingly scary scenes in my mind :-)

If you haven't seen it, do so it's worth it!

It's like a Zombie film, except that instead of becoming pathetic, unscary, slow zombies, the Infected become ultra-enraged... they run, climb, fight with tooth and nail and roar at the living... they're musclebuilt Zombies on speed, from Hell, of Doom!

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