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Vexen Crabtree 2015


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Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Lunchtime politics...

A new page to my "Why do people hate the USA?" site... following is brief excerpt of the main criticism:

Foreign Aid: USA is stingiest of the 22 most developed countries</a>
The USA claims to be, in absolute terms, the world's biggest giver and this is true. However, as a proportion of it's wealth the USA gives least when compared to all 22 of the worlds' most developed countries.

"[Americans] are regularly told by politicians and the media, that America is the world's most generous nation. This is one of the most conventional pieces of 'knowledgable ignorance'. [...For example Japan gives more even in absolute terms...]

Absolute figures are less significant than the proportion of gross domestic product (GDP, or national wealth) that a country devotes to foreign aid. On that league table, the US ranks twenty-second of the 22 most developed nations. As former President Jimmy Carter commented: 'We are the stingiest nation of all'. Denmark is top of the table, giving 1.01% of GDP, while the US manages just 0.1%. The United Nations has long established the target of 0.7% GDP for development assistance, although only four countries actually achieve this: Denmark, 1.01%; Norway, 0.91%; the Netherlands, 0.79%; Sweden, 0.7%. Apart from being the least generous nation, the US is highly selective in who receives its aid. Over 50% of its aid budget is spent on middle-income countries in the Middle East, with Israel being the recipient of the largest single share."

"Why do people hate America?" by Ziauddin Sardar and Merryl Wyn Davies, 2002. p79

Not only that, but according to one source cited by Sarder & Davies, 80% of that aid itself actually goes to American companies in those foreign countries.

Full page:

  • http://www.vexen.co.uk/USA/foreign_aid.html
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  • This is amazing

    I use this report quite a bit when pointing out stingy foreign policy, and I do site you often, but I wanted to make sure to at least send a thank you note for providing such a level headed message. Very well done.

    Re: This is amazing

    Thank you.

    Re: This is amazing

    I want to apologize, as we "lefties" in my country always have to do for the greedy, ignorant, and "me first" Americans that have already posted here. 50% of my country is populated by them. And even when they are out of power, like now, we gain very little ground on their pervasive regressive ideologies.

    The good news is this; education usually weeds them out. So give us a couple hundred more years. You guys have had a long time to become wise. We have a bunch of ignorant "know it all" sexually repressed orthodox moral high-grounders that got rich off of slave labor, abusive worker policies, warmongering, and corporate theft and they have saturated the media with false concepts of patriotism, socialism, and humanitarianism.

    But there are many among us that can read, not just write, listen, not just speak, and think for ourselves, not just follow the tired old racist, greedy, and hypocritical message of our paternus viernas.

    Many of us realize already that we are a world of people. Americans will beg you to forgive us in a few years when our debts come due, our resources run low, and our people don;t remember how to make anything. Or will will use our military to take everything for all of you. One or the other.

    Re: This is amazing

    FROM all of you....oops

    Foreign aid

    Unfortunately, the author of this article focuses on donations from the worlds wealthiest nation. But when Europe was in war how much did the American people give in life, and weapons and ships during the 2nd world war? How much did Europe and the all the allies give to Korea when it was attacked.
    How man ships from other nations protect trade routes in the open seas?
    How man foreign nations donate troops and their expensed to protecting Korea, Europe, Japan etc.
    How much does the USA give to the UN compared to other nations?

    How many troops does Norway, Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands have in the Pacific, Europe (other than home country), Afghanistan, Pakistan, Japan and Korea and Iraq?

    In truth the USA has troops protecting people all over the world. Why not ask the Europeans if they would like America to remove its forces from Europe and get our of NATO.

    Why dont they offer to pay the cost of Americans stationsd in Europe!

    You ppl r fuking idiots how bout we send no aid to any fuckin countryand mettle In any fuckin conflict and let tyrants kill off All they're own ppl give me a break get out of america if you don't like it

    How soon we forget!!!!(65 years) Alas!

    It happened before your time!The only thing that saved Europe and Western Civilization was America's intervention in World war 11.You would have have been fought over and conquered by the Axis Powers!My Father served in Italy during that time,so I have first hand knowledge of what happened.Now my son serves in Afghanistan.Both are decorated war heroes. USA!!!!!!!ALL THE WAY!!!!!!

    The "World giving report" gives a different story. It measures 3 factors and more. Also I believe as a percent of income Americas give more than Europeans. I could find only statistic for Americans, but I couldn't find any actual statistics on the Europeans. Wonder why?

    world giving report

    info on how Americans give

    Finally I suggest you get off your world view and look at facts other than the ones that support your preconceived capitalist hating notions.

    America Country of immigrants

    Is it not ironic that there is such disdain for the US and it's people when the fact of the matter is that the USA is made up primarily of immigrants? I have lived here, and became a citizen tens years ago. Most of the people I know and socialize with are also immigrants, whether that be first generation, second, or even third. Within 20 years, it is predicted that the southern USA is going to be predominantly Latino.
    The rest of the world may not like America, but really when it comes down to it, this is just self hatred.