Vexen Crabtree (vexen) wrote,
Vexen Crabtree

4 day retreat...

... randomly and surprisingly I'm going on a 4-day random "ramble", for which I need to hurredly pack some clothes, and I'll be offline until Monday afternoon/evening. Will set off tomorrow at 11am or something to meet friend.


I'm up to 1 character per second average speed in Morse, with only a few characters that I consistently get wrong.

Learning Czech: No progress... (but I did revise some Cantonese and spoke a ton of it to surprised friends at college...)

Cisco: 1/2 way through the second quarter... am looking to complete it in 2/3 weeks.

Government: My psycometric tests are in 2 weeks, and should be the last hurdle to jump before starting full time training. (But I'm not holding my breath, I kind-of expect more hurdles & interviews & then some final physicals!)

London Goth Sluts meet: Was fun and enjoyable with lots of good people.
Tags: cisco, czech, sluts, work
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