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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Creepy crawly!

That was a huge spider!!! Fucking hell, it just wouldn't die, I thought it was trying to kill me or eat me or jump on my face!

I thought spiders were supposed to run away?

This is Vexen, stunned and all creeped out!

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hmmm yes, we (well shira, i was starting a panic attack) just got rid of a rather large one was almost too big to fit the glass over.
kill them allllll, evil legged thingys

Yikes! No, spiders don't always run away. I found that out on a camping trip years ago. Sometimes they're just curious. Not many of them are dangerous, just... yeah, creepy. ::shudder::

The spider I have living in my kitchens about three centimeaters now. He'll be sulking because I cloased the window before he'd caught dinner tonight and that tends to mean he has to wait till tommorow night because he really has gone off direct sunlight. I think he's actualy a bit of a spooky kid trying to with how goth he is. He's really quite a pretty spider and has grown so much since he moved in and caught lots of flys (and pesky moths). I saw another of his speicies today. all the same markings but about a tenth the size if that. It was tiny and he's so big it was hard to belive they were the same breed.

*creeps up behind vexen and places hadn oon shoulder* *wiggles fingers* Boo!

*thwacks it before it tweaks any nipples*

Ah it's Jenny Longleg's that do it to me.... yuck they fly and are all wipy and bleugh. Spider's I can usualy ignore, make great pet's and are all called Boris!!!

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