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Marcony is very talented!

I don't think it's possible with little talent and no instruments (me) to make up for it with purely power electronica, compared with someone who can merely *stand near* a keyboard and have it sound good no matter what instrument it's set to! And then pick up a guitar, play that too, and sing at the same time...
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I have a friend who's like that. He works in a music shop (as in instruments, not cds) and every time I go in there he's playing a different instrument.

It's inspiring, but disheartening that people can learn so much whilst I know so little! I might have to add Singing Lessons to my list of challenges at the moment! (And believe me, I feel sorry for the poor people who'd have to teach me or hear me practice *grimace*)

I've been pottleing around with instruments since I was 5. I think I only really got half decent some time in the last decade and only as good as I am now in the last few years. The upshot of which is I spent most of my formative years being the lower end of adverage ocationaly sneeking in to the relms of crap. Now I can play enough to feel good about it.

has he been seranading you again!! *sulk*

*puts on Abba*

No of course not :-)

didn't know you had one! has this been going on long?

over year and a half!!

he just doesn't get out much

Respected member and an historical organizer of the London Furry scene, also the boyfriend of felis, I spent weekend at his house to watch Last Night of the Proms and to fix some bits of his computer & set it up to record from his instruments. We kicked that computers arse :-)

... oh and manager and founder of the Dark Furs list!

erm felis is someone else if he is dating them I'm annoyed >:(

My dad's like that. He composes his own music, uses C++, and can play I don't know how many instruments!

Cute photos, btw. ;)

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