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Dev randomness

Went to Kentish Town library to renew some books (I forgot on Saturday! *slaps self*), and on the way out decided to go to The Dev and have a pint of coke. Looking at the time I realized that Felis was about to finish work, so I hailed her and we sat for a while... then another friend turned up (American Claudia from VC meets, a lovely woman with strange sleeping habits!), and then Scott turned up too (or, as Ia'kat used to call him four years ago, "Joseph with straws through his ears" - we never recalled why Ia'Kat came up with that name (except for the straws bit)).

So after some socializing I came home, wishing that I'd shaved or at least made myself a bit presentable! (I had my cap on the whole day due to not knowing what to do with short hair!)
Tags: books, felis, kentish town, libraries, london
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