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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015


the worst thing about these morons, is that they're my age. They're immature, irresponsible, inconsiderate, obnoxious, pointlessly matcho, misled, hopeless and a waste of space and government welfare: They deserve nothing. Most of them *have* strength of character, but apply it fully into being a complete moron and chasing each around for sex and short term pleasure.

They were boasting about times they've had a gf but secretly had sex on the side... one guy went "Well, from my girlfriends' point of view, we're still together", and another could only refer to women as "birds" and repeated the phrase "pot a bird" (i.e., sex) over and over, "I like potting birds, there's nothing wrong with potting birds, I like the slutty ones who don't care about anything"

They talked about, wait for it, this is particularly ironic and was grating and difficult to listen to, about morals and they all agreed amongst themselves they respected morals and those who stick by them... yet all appeared to completely have the strength of character to actually control their own obnoxious behavior.

One of them was white, the other four or five were all black, and was so disguisted I eventually excused myself from the room and went and sat in the cafeteria for a while. I hate black culture, and I hate the moronic criminal white culture that exists amogst uneducated britons.

It's not their faults, I guess, that they're like that, but they don't honestly try to make themselves better people. They don't help anyone, they're purely selfish and all their aims are short term self gratification... in short, they don't deserve the help of society, and such help is wasted on them.

All of them need to be conscripted and taught, underneath steel fucking boots, to have some respect for authority and self development.

Misogynistic, sexist, clueless morons whose strenghts they apply fully to their biggest weaknesses: their matcho culturally-enslaved lack of personality that they like to cultivate at the expense of anyone who ever dated or put emotional trust in any of them.

(Apologies anyone who bothers to read all that...)

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I work in a room full of men like that.

There's no respite anywhere!

Woah there. Call me all nitpicky, but you're sub-dividing white culture down into 'moronic', 'criminal' and 'uneducated'... so could you perhaps be more specific than simply 'black culture'? 'Cos at face value, that sounds more than a little racist.

If you meant anti-black racism:
I was concerned it might look racist because I said "black culture" and considered editting it to read "london gutter black culture".

Of course, most blacks are as normal as most whites, you know, with occasional annoying character traits same as everyone else, but, black and white trash culture is particularly annoying, the more so the longer I stay as a semi-directionless member of that community.

If you meant anti-white racism:
I didn't mean to imply that whites had a monopoly on being moronic, criminal or uneducated, but sometimes even I run out of negative words that I'd need if I was to describe the seething untermensch with fairly spread lyrical misanthropy.

Yeah, I meant anti-black - you took the trouble to be specific about which areas of white culture were bugging you, but kinda swept your brush over the whole black sector.

Now, if you wanna get down on trash culture, that's all good with me :)

I was about to say something much the same You have to concider what the demographics ot the white person and the black people you were talking to share. Did they all for instance come from the poor end of scocioty. Comeing from a poor family has been shown to corrilate with your odds of coming out bellow adverage from the education system for instance which would exsplain lack of education.

When scocioty offers people little but being on the bottom of the heap what incentive is there to follow it's moral codes over for instance getting laid. In a world wich offers them few pleasures in the first place it would not be totaly unsupriseing however distasteful.

In short I don't think it comes down to Black culture and moronic', 'criminal' and 'uneducated' white culture but poor culture. The Lower class as it was once called. A class which was the entery level for most blacks when they came to britton and due to a heavy amount of scocial immobility this has been inherited by later genorations.
It prehaps does not help that the media tells the lower classes this is how the lower classes act which is all the excuse most people need.

I wrote a story once about a bloke who turned in to a ware wolf one night and went on a killing spree because that's what werewolves are ment to do and it's not un till months later that another werewolf points out to him that although he is changeing phisicaly he's not actualy changing mentaly at all.

The cause of the situation is as you say:

Class history (or the English equivalent, which isn't really "class" division anymore)

Mass media's stereotyping (self-fulfilling prophecies) on what it means to be lower class (using the term necessarily vaguely).

Your story sounds like it has the right idea and an excellent message!

Yes, what I am referring to is a very poor culture that self-perpetuates, kids drop into it or slowly climb out of it, but whilst in it it is self-disempowering and a social malaise - no, more than a mere malaise, it is a tragedy that such a culture exists.

But there is no easy cure, nor any consistent method to help them, and, I think, such cultures have always existed inside all nations and always will do, feeding off of higher culture and higher people.

(For the record, my own history is violently, abusively and endlessly lower class, and until I was put into a more stable environment by my Dad (who rescued us...), my only respite was school where I could lose myself in study - thankfully I'm lucky to have some strong blood!)

Bad day, huh?

Most of them *have* strength of character, but apply it fully into being a complete moron and chasing each around for sex and short term pleasure.

Isn't that a rather oxymoronic statement? (pardon the obvious pun) Having strength of character means you DON'T waste it on moronic pursuits.

Maybe some people don't feel the need to try to be a better person. There are a few people in my life who, for whatever pathetically egotistical reason, think they're just peachy as are, even though in actuality they're financial parasites and so cluelessly self-absorbed, it's actually sad rather than infuriating. They don't anger me anymore; it's been reduced to pity. (Isn't that awful?) I can't stand that they use the system to get every damn free thing/service they can (which means tax-payers foot the bill for their loserhood), but some say that society needs to do SOMETHING for these types. Not sure how much I agree with that, unless they truly are ill one way or another.

Also, steel boots don't work on everyone, probably especially those who scorn authority to begin with! ;)

(I accept your apology; I read it all the way through. :Þ)

heh - i went to school with a lot of people who'd grow up to be either the male or female version of that - they're realy not worth getting wokred up over imo, as for most adults like that, it's all too late...if as a child, pretty much every adult you meet acts like that, you think its the 'proper' way to act, and then there's not much you can do, short of going into education or something else involved in oyung children. Programmes lke the Princes Trust etc can do an important job, ut you need to get kids/teenagers onto them first, which is sometimes easier said than done...

The downside of conscripting them [assuming you mean military conscription] is that you end up with scum-of-the-earth who can shoot straight.

Ah, only for 2 years or something though.

I can't help but agree with you. It really is rather unfortunate. I'm supposed to see the divine in all beings, but most of the time all I see is the rampant stupidity...

*huddles with you in the corner and hides from the ravaging morons of this sad world*

*cuddles you and hides us behind big tail*

It's weird and irritating how difficult it is to write about people like those because we get slated for being racist and such but the truth is, for all the nice other-cultured people there are out there (and I have been friends with a few) there are far too many I or my friends have had problems with. I can't say I've known any to talk about things like the guys you were with did but we got other problems down here...
I just don't bother normally. Saves me getting a verbal bashing.

I also dislike black culture & the white "wigga" culture that seems increasingly popular, by no means am I a supporter of Aryan philosiphies or a member of any white power heathen front group.

I *do* however think its wrong that you cannot voice an opinion on such matters without being branded a racist.

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