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the worst thing about these morons, is that they're my age. They're immature, irresponsible, inconsiderate, obnoxious, pointlessly matcho, misled, hopeless and a waste of space and government welfare: They deserve nothing. Most of them *have* strength of character, but apply it fully into being a complete moron and chasing each around for sex and short term pleasure.

They were boasting about times they've had a gf but secretly had sex on the side... one guy went "Well, from my girlfriends' point of view, we're still together", and another could only refer to women as "birds" and repeated the phrase "pot a bird" (i.e., sex) over and over, "I like potting birds, there's nothing wrong with potting birds, I like the slutty ones who don't care about anything"

They talked about, wait for it, this is particularly ironic and was grating and difficult to listen to, about morals and they all agreed amongst themselves they respected morals and those who stick by them... yet all appeared to completely have the strength of character to actually control their own obnoxious behavior.

One of them was white, the other four or five were all black, and was so disguisted I eventually excused myself from the room and went and sat in the cafeteria for a while. I hate black culture, and I hate the moronic criminal white culture that exists amogst uneducated britons.

It's not their faults, I guess, that they're like that, but they don't honestly try to make themselves better people. They don't help anyone, they're purely selfish and all their aims are short term self gratification... in short, they don't deserve the help of society, and such help is wasted on them.

All of them need to be conscripted and taught, underneath steel fucking boots, to have some respect for authority and self development.

Misogynistic, sexist, clueless morons whose strenghts they apply fully to their biggest weaknesses: their matcho culturally-enslaved lack of personality that they like to cultivate at the expense of anyone who ever dated or put emotional trust in any of them.

(Apologies anyone who bothers to read all that...)
Tags: misanthropy, mundanes, stupidity, trash culture, untermensch
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