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orinotta has now moved in! Rar! It's really strange and nicely random that he and I are living in the same house again!

Also: Labour have 2 years to redeem themselves. By default I am now voting Liberal Democrat. I like Blair, and will happily continue to vote Labour if:

* He breaks the Bush / Blair relationship and tells Bush where to stick his bible, and supports the UN (and the rest of the world)

* He does not continue his vague (and strangely out of character) religious concessions


If Labour produce a new party leader who does the above, then I'll vote Labour. Otherwise I'm now a Lib Dem voter!

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This is exactly how I feel politically, although a documentary I saw on C4 makes me more inclined to think that the government is too right wing. I don't like PPP at all.

It'd be really nice to see the Lib Dems become the "official" opposition party. I'm still hesitant about whether or not they'd make a good government, but only because it's hard to know where they stand on a lot of issues.

I do have some concerns about Lib Dems suddenly finding themselves in government... actually in control.

Yeah I bet when actually in power with real-life demands it'll form their policies more than existing as a third-party can do.

But it's either that or vote conservative, and I think "voting NotConservative" is my first rule of activity!

you're not the only one considering switching vote - Labour have really annoyed me, and the tories are totally out of the question, that basically leaves the LibDem's...wish i could remember if they still support abolishing student loans and/or tutition fees...

Yeah they do, it's on their website.

I think alot of people vote libdem or will vote libdem because they Don't know what they stand for and if you don't know what they stand for you don't know you dissagree with them.

When I actively started looking at them I found some very fundermental and serious things I strongly dissagree with. Not least what they intend to do to the lords. Also I disagreed with them on the war and thier main policy they used to have that I did like (The penny on income tax) has now been done by labour (All be it on NI). Plus I have a dis like of PR as it strenghtens the party system and I don't like the party system. I forsee alot more independants getting in next time but PR will end that for good. I was actualy thinking the other day that next time I may aculy vote Labour IF they have at least one major commons rebelion that succeeds between then and now. If the Labour party becomes the true party of opposition as well as the party of govenment then I will vote for them if I like my local candidate. All this said I am determind to seek out my candidates next election and vote for a person and not really a party at all.

Hey, I'd like to tell Bush where to stick his Bible! And I wish he would discontinue his not-so-vague religious associations as well.

I'll probably vote Democrat again, although here in the U.S. the Democratic party is in a world of hurt. Still, they do have about a year to get their sh*t together.

You lived with orinotta before? :)

I voted for the Lib Dem's during the general election when Labour took over from the Conservatives (in 199-whenever). I have never supported Labour, ever.

Without sounding too Conservative, Major did things mostly according to plan, and we still had public services. Granted the Cons made a few mistakes (there is no government in the world that hasn't), but Labour's so far have grossly outweighed any Major-related - and indeed, Thatcher-related - faults.

I have always had the impression that the Lib Dem's were "alternative" (whatever that means). Although, I'm not really expecting them to get governmental control for the foreseeable future - there is far too much red (and blue, but not yellow) tape in and around Houses of Parliment.

These days I get the impression that the UK is turning into the United States of Britian.

I agree! Insanely peculiar that we're back in the same house together ... and with Pennypenny too!

Peculiar, but still completely lovely of course :o)


The LibDems are still very much a party who have the luxury of opposition in that they don't really have to have solid policy on anything. I've always liked the "Classical Liberal" political position [the sort of Liberalism that flourished in the 17th and 18th centuries - free trade, low taxes, individual responsibility] but the currelt LibDems seem still too set on worryingly socialist attitudes to service-provision, and redistributive [rather than reductionist] taxation policies. Only way I'd give them my vote would be as a tactical keeping-Labour-out situation.

I admit to tactical voting anyway. A Labour vote in the last election would have been worthless, but a LibDem vote held finally get the Tories out of Guildford...

With you on that one matey!!!
I was overjoyed when the Conservatives got chubbed out, and I was tolerant of Blair's, lack of promised reforms, but the mess he has made by being Bush's lapdog is unforgivable.
Lib Dem's do have decent policies and they are, truely the only viable alternative. Though for local elections I'm Scotish Socialist all the way!!

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