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Vexen Crabtree 2015


What a downpour! Lashing, whipping rain that hurt!

I was wearing a t-shirt and a pair of tracksuit bottoms. Both were utterly drenched I'd looked like I'd fallen in a river or something... my tracksuit bottoms became so heavy with the water that they were slowly falling down all the time!

OK... I'm going away to Bedfordshire for two days, see you all on Wednesday!

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Ahhh. I've just decided to stay late at work rather than go out into that...

i left my windows open during the rain :(

good luck *waves to now distant wiggy*


Oh, dammit! You'll be gone!

Why d'you never say anything in my journal! I miss your !!!'s. I hope that rain whipped you good! Argh!

Have fun in Bedfordshire. :)

I'm going to POUT now, like a sulky little... goth. (that I'm actually not really much of ;)) Phooey.

Hey I still love you :-)

... but I haven't been commenting much in anyone's journal at the moment, I've been doing lots of music stuff in the evenings, of late!

I'm kind of bracing myself for the future... I'm going to be offline for 3 monthes, probably from mid October :-(

*Then* I'll be gone!

But I'll always be back, and if you're still journalling, I'll make comments and read you :-)

Hey I still love you :-)


Okay, I see. I didn't know you're going to be offline for three months; wow.

Well, good luck with all these endeavors, and I'll catch up with ya later! :)

*pulls your pants the rest of the way down*
*giggles madly and runs away*

Pure evil!

*stands embarrasedly and pulls up heavy clothes*

*peaceful snuggle*

Good night

My!! Now thats something I would have liked to see!! :P

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