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Sat/Sun (Or: Meeting random people...)

Stayed in on Friday night with orinotta.

Saturday 10am, went to London. On the way, in a deserted underground station (there was literally no-one else there, didn't even see any staff), I bumped into the large lumbering figure of Ajas, a friend from where I'm studying Cisco. Was strangely unnerving to see across the concourse a solitary person, and to know that person.

We put off my visit to shuripentu because she was arguing with her petmale. I went to Camden and hung around for a while before meeting orinotta, pennypenny and hybryd andwe had a nice time just hanging out and doing some light shopping.

Went to Slimelight... and had an amazing wonderful time. Lots of cuddles with the friends' I was with, and met Sheridan and a few other random people. Danced lots. I seem to have gotten a new fast-footwork thing, but hey I was having fun even if I looked like I was doing a 50mph moonwalk!

After Slimelight I went to a military showcase at Chelsea Barracks. My aim was to learn more about the military, pick up some more terminology and get to know some people... was a little more successful than I had bargained for! I talked to various Army & TA guys. I then bumped into three Royal Artillery men & women that I met a few monthes ago, and they recognized me, and was genuinely nice to talk to them! Last time I met I had told them I was joining Royal Signals (computers & communications), this time I told them the truth :-)

I also randomly bumped into the Warrant Officer who interviewed me once or twice in Blackheath ACIO, and a few of the others who worked there. We talked intelligently and we get on well. He excitedly ran off and brought someone to me who works in the same line of work as I'm going in to (I hadn't actually met anyone who done the job I'm applying for before last week, it's a small group!). I talked to him, I also talked to a person from a specialist computer group; which was the role I was initially looking at a few months ago. (Royal Signals 14th Regiment, the Electronic Warfare group). I asked the linguist about Arabic, and said it wouldn't hurt if I started Arabic now (I had concerns I could teach myself bad habits if doing it alone!). I think the WO was happy I'd randomly turned up.

I talked to the crew and various support staff for the Challenger 2 tanks, and got some itching questions I had about it's air-tight ability to sit out gas & biological attacks. Talked to crews of the decontamination units, and talked to numerous engineers. I quizzed all of them about their roles.

I was there 10am to 2pm, and was told by one of the army guys that I had to be prepared for long nights and no sleep during training. Like duh. If there's one thing I can do, it's stay up all night, and continue the next day without (apparently...) people even guessing I've done so.

After that I went to see Shuri and Eemeli, was wonderful to see them both. Walked around Camden with the ultimately-cuddly Shuri for a few hours, I got to plan a birthday present for her (although she does have a wishlist that I'll bookmark presently). I returned home Sunday evening and finally crashed around 10pm, a precise 36 hours later, having had a nicely packed weekend.
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