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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Human Vexen

/me is in a bad mood! Grumpy! *puts on scowl face*

Partially is because I spent thirty minutes waiting for a 20 minute late bus, and when it did come, it then terminated 10 minutes down the road, a full 30 minutes (drive) short of where I needed to be! By the time the next bus arrived and I got in, I was a full hour late!

I detected I was in a bad mood so I went and sat in the canteen and drank coffee and ate some chocolate! Felt better :-)

Then an old (literally) friend came and sat with me, and we talked about Arabic language, he knows Spanish and knew some Arabic-Spanish stuff, and I was comparing it to Hebrew, so between us we make a surprisingly good (and odd) team!

Arabic is much easier than Czech in terms of grammar, but just as hard in terms of pronounciation.

I have a sore-throaty cough. I remember that last year after moving house, in about August, I had a bad cough that lasted two weeks! It was terrible! Maybe there's a yearly London cough -- it's the only illness I seem to be susceptible to!

I'm considering going home... I need to play with the Routers here, but it doesn't look like I'll be able to today! Routers are fun, I actively enjoy them!

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If your feeling better

If your better again by saturday do you want to come over here after the meet and make music?
I doubt I'll be at the meet it's self due to exstream skint ness and guilt at sponging of pearents but it would make for a top sunday.

Re: If your feeling better

You know, that sounds like a great idea! I wont say it's definite until the day, will probably depend on how much sleep I got the night before!

sorry to hear you're ill *hugs*...if you're throat gets really annoying, Merocaine thoat tablet are really good - a bit dear, but they definately numb your throad good and proper:) hope you get better soon, but this is the season for colds/flu's to appear, what the weather going all autumnal...possiblely see you at sluts later, if not, get well soon:)

If it is the same cough as I got last year, it'll make my voice go wonderfully broken! A definate time to get my mike out and see if it improves how my voice comes across in recording!

I'll pass on the tablets, the soreness is ignorable, it's just the noise of nighttime coughing which is the worst! (Erm... but not bad enough for me to use medicine to help)

I wont be at the meet, but see you around Dwagon :-)


Guess who's heading over tonight? Guess who? Guess?

Issa Kat! Should be at Grove Park by 10.30pm, it says. Weee!

I'll be back around 8.30 or 9pm nursing my newly tattooed arm. Hope they finish it this time!

The kat?? Wooo! How random!

I'll be around (not going to Sluts), so, will pick him up with you from Grove Park (I don't think you've been there before... - but FYI (in case I die or anything before seeing you), it's simply the opposite way down Baring Road and equidistant to Lee Station)

Your tattoo is the most unique & fresh tattoo ever!

Geez, in that amount of time you could've just WALKED there!

What are Routers?

And, just how many languages do you speak?? :)

Feel better soon!

I could have! It's always a catch 22, wait longer or risk missing it by walking?

I only really speak English, but have some Cantonese & Chinese, and some memories of GCSE French! But from theology have learned some Hebrew, and being European know some German, etc! I now know some Czech (just a few generics & phrases) but am know going to stick to Arabic(now) and Chinese(later)!

I speak the universal language of love too :-) (albeit solo)

Routers are network devices that are the logical infrastructure of the internet, like cables & satellites are it's physical infrastructure.

Large networks and inter-networks use routers - they're the devices that sort out what IP address goes where, to what network, etc, and are a chatty bunch of devices running permanently behind everything the Internet does.

No routers = no talking between networks.

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