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/me is in a bad mood! Grumpy! *puts on scowl face*

Partially is because I spent thirty minutes waiting for a 20 minute late bus, and when it did come, it then terminated 10 minutes down the road, a full 30 minutes (drive) short of where I needed to be! By the time the next bus arrived and I got in, I was a full hour late!

I detected I was in a bad mood so I went and sat in the canteen and drank coffee and ate some chocolate! Felt better :-)

Then an old (literally) friend came and sat with me, and we talked about Arabic language, he knows Spanish and knew some Arabic-Spanish stuff, and I was comparing it to Hebrew, so between us we make a surprisingly good (and odd) team!

Arabic is much easier than Czech in terms of grammar, but just as hard in terms of pronounciation.

I have a sore-throaty cough. I remember that last year after moving house, in about August, I had a bad cough that lasted two weeks! It was terrible! Maybe there's a yearly London cough -- it's the only illness I seem to be susceptible to!

I'm considering going home... I need to play with the Routers here, but it doesn't look like I'll be able to today! Routers are fun, I actively enjoy them!
Tags: arabic, czech, moody, public transport, spanish
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