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Vexen Crabtree 2015

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I only got up about 8pm...

there's nothing like a piping hot very large baked potato at 2am, with melted cheese and butter, steaming hugely on a plate :-)

Will be followed by a wonderful cup of coffee.

Life is good!

And... you forget sometimes how complex language is. Simple things we take for granted like Capital Letters, for example: Lower case "a" bears no resemblance to upper case "A"... same for most capitals. Arabic has equivalent things ("Standalone" and "Joined" characters, as I'm calling them), but just learning to automatically equate the two cases fluently is time consuming!

Now all I need is a fork, and I can actually start eating!

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My lowercase n's look like little capital N's. Why? Because I have the left hand of a Mongoloid child.*

*Worst BODY PARTS parody ever.

That's my way of saying "howdy, I added you."

I think about BODY PARTS too often.

I realised that when my sister started to learn to read and write in English, cos she wanted to use the computer like me, but couldn't recognise the letters on a keyboard... I found the same with cyrillic, when upper and lower don't always match, and neither do italic, handwritten or print!

Language is deep, innit!

Joined-up writing is the same... when unfamiliar, how do you tell that any given series of strokes is a single letter, or a combination of letters? Is a double "n" an m? Or l-n-l? If you're learning the alphabet at the same time as learning it all cursive, Arabic-style, you start with a lot to learn!

What's Cryillic like?

You could always stick your face in the potato and slurp it up.
*looks Helpful*

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