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Vexen Crabtree 2015


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Vexen Crabtree 2015

(no subject)

Woo! Looks like the USA is giving in to common sense in Iraq (slowly but surely) and has granted 3 mobile phone licenses for GSM networks - not CDMA.


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And I was just about to comment, "you know your post showed up three times?" :)

That whole Iraq thing... I don't know. I was wondering, was it really necessary? Was Saddam really that big a threat?

However. One of our new [auto repair] clients was here for awhile a couple weeks back. We had lunch together (he and hubby and I). This guy's in the military and had just come back from Iraq. We talked about it for awhile. He said they DID find weapons of mass destruction and that he could not understand why it wasn't been put out to the media. He said the U.S. troops found mustard gas plants and ... something else (I can't remember what he called it). He also told us what the people are like, how they're really living, and how they recount what life was like under Saddam Hussein's rule. Verrrrry interesting.

Also, I remember when my brother was in the Navy years ago (around '79), on the Nimitz air craft carrier. He told us what REALLY happened during a skirmish in the middle east--planes flying within 50 yards of the ship and shooting at the guys--and how skewed the news reports were. I also have two cousins and a nephew in the military: Air Force, Marines, and uh... something a little more *classified.* Maybe later the "truth" will come out and people will really know what the hell's been going on.

Btw, this doesn't have much to do with that article. ;) Just don't believe everything you hear on the news (about the whole thing).

I have a large amount of distrust of the news coverage in these areas, I know how skewed it all is.

Yeah you're reply came up 6 times... LJ is a bit messed up at the moment!

I know; it took me awhile to go in and delete all those duplicates. Argh!

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