Vexen Crabtree (vexen) wrote,
Vexen Crabtree

I had a dream last night! I just rememberd it. I bought a gun, and ammunition, from a shop somehwere in London. Which is you know, illegal. Wandering around a large department store, where some of my friends worked, I was arrested. I was told to put my hands against a wall, which I did. The gun fell out my pocket and skidded across the floor. They examined it. I told them it was an imitation I only just bought. "Is it illegal?" I asked innocently. They said yes. They checked it... and actualy it was an imitation!!! The shop had ripped me off for £180! I was still against the wall. I had ammunition in my pocket. They hadn't found it yet and I was hoping that they'd not search me, 'cos they'd already got the fake gun. That was it.

I miss my fantastical epic horror dreams!! Eating lots of cheese didn't bring them back, neither did watching all my old horror movies! Ah well. I'll settle for slightly boring dreams about being embarrased in front of friends. How normal!! :-( !!
Tags: dreams, guns, london
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