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The more code you write and resuse the faster everything gets done! Especially when you're an organisation-freak like me... and can find all those bits of code with speed!
theoptimist has proved to be the fast learner I hoped he would... he's on a big project now, and doing it all on his own, and well! I didn't have to train him much at all! Kieran and Opto (the 2 guys I'm training ATM) are both developing skills of their own (beyond mind)... Kieran in databases and clever SQL magic, and Opto in design/GUI.

Current issue in life: Living arrangements.

Current Sleep Status: I'm sleep deprived but for very good reasons! The current Demon-Of-Not-Sleep is an angel! Happy Vexen :-)
On that confusing note... bye!
Tags: nocturnal, programming, work, workmates
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