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Vexen Crabtree 2015


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Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

The Roman Catholic Church

The Roman Catholic Church

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GOOD JOB!!!! i love this website it is the best!!! i found exactly what i was looking for right away!!!


No one said being Catholic was easy. You don't follow a religion that conforms to your lifestyle. Your lifestyle must conform to religion and its true meaning not the political and social issues people try and throw within.

The Catholic Church is the oldest Church and has never swayed from its beliefs. When you do that you are weak and unsure of yourself. It is brave to take a stance on controversial issues and face the opposition of so many because to see and watch idly is even worse. How come you only hit out against Catholicism. Islam and Hinduism also forbid contraception, homosexuality etc. However they refuse to come out with a strong stance and you are scared to attack them out of fear of being perceived as racist or prejudist. However against the most predominant religion in your world, you feel free to attack it. Well go ahead, one day you will live to regret it.

Re: Nonsense

im sorry you're so misguided and have spent your life serving the bloodiest religion in history. It's not as if Vexen simply made this up. Please, do some reading. It's historical fact. The entire story of Jesus is based on paganistic myths. Yes, the Catholic Church is the oldest christian church and so was not influenced by Paul, but please, remember, it was founded atop of the main mithraist temple in a mitrhaic town, surrounded by followers of mithraism, and mithraists worked at the vatican and so Catholocism is the exact same as the rest of christianity in terms of paganistic influence upon the story of Yeshua, a jewish rabbi. again, read your history. And yes, Islam and Hinduism forbid these same things, but Hinduism has not contributed to the suffering of humans. Islam, admittantly has, but there is too much hatred directed at them, and pointing the finger at more bad things about their religion will only encourage more hate crimes and in turn inspire more terrorist attacks. Remember when Catholocism ruled Europe? They're called "The Dark Ages" for a reason. How about the Spanish Inquisition? How about the burnings of innocent pagans who had done nothing wrong but just how they felt to be right. As for one day "regretting" it, every single christian scholar and theologian states that there is no hell. yes, these are christians that say this, not atheists, christian scholars, People who spend their entire lives studying the bible and the history of the church. Also, one of the Dead Sea gospels contains stories of Yeshua telling Peter that there is no Hell. You dont even know the background and history of your own religion. It makes me sad that you've wasted your life believing in a false god, (any god for that matter) Study the history of Moses, and where the idea of Yahweh came from.

Real Nonsense

Actually, *I* have read my history - and your datea are awful. The Cult of Mithra didn't arrive in Rome until the late 1st Century CE - about 20-30 years after Christianity was established there. There were no "temples" of Mitra in the Mtraic cult, only small caves called Mitraceum/Mithraeum. The Cult of Mithra was not large in the Roman empire until the 3rd century, far too late for your wild conjectures. Your claim that the early Christians cribbed from the Mitraic cults is akin to claiming that the American Founding Fathers got their ideas from the French Revolution - close, but in the wrong order.

Hinduism has its own militant strains, some of which have been quite violent in history, including wars of religion.

Islam initiated a series of wars of conquest with no provocation but the promptings of their prophet and his heirs. To imply that their violent past is merely a reaction to 'hatred directed at them' is to be ignorant of the history of Islam.

The so-called "Dark Ages" refer to the loss of a central military and legal power, very little else. During the "Dark Ages" the Catholic Church invented hospitals, universities, the scriptorium (the precursor to the printing press), the encyclopedia, and banking. Not to mention improvements in the plow, the waterwheel, the forging process, and a host of other technological advancements. The term "Dark Ages" has been abandoned by modern historians as an 'imposition' of Protestant scholars attempting to tar Catholic Europe with a barbaric brush.

As far as Christian Theologians who claim there is no Hell - well, you must not read to many Christian scholarly hournals. I refer you to the reference desk of your nearest university library where you may find dozens of recent articles on Hell from a Christian theological perspective. Also, see the University of Michigan's annual "Concalve on Evil" for up-to-date scholarship from a host of sources.

There are no Dead Sea "Gospels", pal - the term 'gospel' means specifically a work telling of the life and death of Christ. Considering that the Dead Sea Scrolls were written between 150 BCE and *no later than* 60 CE (and that is just because of dating procedure variance) there are no 'gospels' in the Dead Sea scrolls. It is argued that there may be a single scrap of the Gospel of Mark within the scrolls - bit, if it is, its about 4 words. And the concept of Jesus telling Peter there is no Hell is hard to reconcile with the other passages of Jesus talking to Peter about Hell, isn't it?

Vexen, *you* may have not made this up, but you at least have believed some people who have made stuff up. Stop reading tinfoil hat stuff and take some courses at a decent university. Heck, *use google and wikipedia* - that alone would save you a ton of embarrassment.

Also, repeat after me - Paul was not a gnostic. Paul was not a gnostic. Paul was not a gnostic. The fact that you say that he *was* indicates that you either A) have never read Paul's epistles or B) don't know what 'gnostic' means.

If you *really* want to learn about the history of the Catholic Church. I mean the real, independent, you can verify it, done by secular scholars stuff, contact me. If you just want to rant that the Catholic Church is evil while proving you know nothing about it - don't change a thing.

rick_stump (at) yahoo (dot) com

Re: Real Nonsense

I've just read all your argumentation, the line of your reasoning is very strong, clear,true and logical. It is very significant to try to suppress some false prejudices about the catholic church and other religions as well. You did it very well. You presented many facts that successfully reject the false statements about church mentioned above. It's absolutely true that the notion "dark ages" is avoided in the study on medieval culture. ironically the notion of "dark ages" has more to do with the contemporary times than with the Middle Ages. Apart from burnings, crusades and similar stuff, the medieval times witnessed the flourishing of philosophy, theology, establishing first universities, libraries, building spectacular cathedrals which have been admired throughout history, flourishing literature, poetry. Could such times be described as dark ages? even if we take into account those bad events that did happen then, it's difficult to describe the whole period as dark ages. as I said the term "dark ages" is more appropriate for our times than for medieval times. Our civilisation is facing the possibility of nuclear war, extermination of unborn children, killing old people under the cover of sympathy, undermining the value of the true, holy and genuine relationship between a man and a woman, and i could talk about other atrocities of our times endlessly. As FOR CONDOMS, in an AIDS-high-risk society it's better to have sex using condoms BUT it's best to find one partner and be faithful to him- it's not only moral but also healthy and appropriate for the human dignity . if one wants to avoid being pregnant one tries to use reliable and checked modern methods of natural Family planing which respect the human biology and psychology and are recommended by WHO.:)

The Catholic Church

Generally I found the website useful, but I'm a catholic (at this point you turn off) and I did find your comments on the catholic church pretty offensive, I know you think you were proberly dishing out the truth, but you're wrong. There's a difference between living in the dark age and believing in the sanctaty of human life which is why we disaprove of contraception (although granted pehaps in Africa the church should be less strict about ths issue) and as for gays well lets face it buster if we were all gay we'd be all dead, and besides we are not born gay ARE we?!

Best Wishes

Re: The Catholic Church

Yes, many are born gay, the same in Human Beings as in animals. See http://www.humantruth.info/homosexuality.html for my page on homosexuality.

Nature itself wastes millions of sperms and hundreds of eggs per living Human... us using contraception is hardly an issue of sperm & eggs going un-used, as 99.9% of them all die without creating life. That's the scheme of our biology... and if you think that God doesn't want them to be wasted, then you are saying that God is contradicting itself! There's nothing wrong with contraception: The Catholic Church bases this doctrine on *one* tenuously interpreted story in the Bible (Onan). Look it up.

Please Pray I Beg

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Reorginization of Christ'd, c-urch'(s)!!?

Sir's/Ms., 20 Oct 9
Hering of the 'Holy Father's' new guideline 4, Angkitian's 2 join the Church? But, w/o a Vatican III convention, these Apolistic c-hurch's will come 2-gather as 1 American's Church under the Primate of the Episcolal NYCity Hq., & qusi-National Catheral.
Advising the rome's preist's to join U.S. (2) or leave the America's under the Monroe Doctrine! Because of a past vatican's drcree deviding-up the new-world between the Spanish & Pourgeese ONLY. Contact the holy-See 2, resind? or, ...
The, NYCity Hq. will be establishing a 'Flow-Chart' using the Orthdox c-hurch's & newer Anglitian orginization simular toto include the fmr. Roman Cathloic churchs & Philippine Independand church's/Methodist's & all other America's "APOLISTIC" c-hurch's !!! join gay's & 2 Married preist's too?!Marry.

Catholicism and democracy

Your claims about Catholicism undermining democracy I find quite ridiculous. It's true that the Catholic church has a defined set of beliefs, and they encourage their members to vote according to those beliefs. However, no one is ever threatened or manipulated into voting a certain way. The Catholic church is not in the voting booth making the decisions for anyone. Ultimately the decision is right where it always was, with the voter. Undermining democracy? Hardly. Political parties also encourage certain actions. Political parties also have a defined platform, or set of beliefs. Political parties have more access to a very influential tool, the television. The fact that the Catholic church endures and thrives in many places, times, and political climates does not mean that it is not conducive to democracy. I'll pray for you.

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