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In Resurrection Records in London I bought:

  1. "Bunkertor 7" by Wumpscut

  2. "Twisted Thought Generator" by Velvet Acid Christ

  3. "Satan's Little Helpers" by The Electric Hellfire Club

  4. "Supernature" by Inkubus Sukkubus

I was very efficient, went straight from London Heathrow (where I saw a friend off) to Camden, straight to Res. Records, picked the albums, and then went straight to Kings Cross and returned to St Albans. Alone. At the station I was feeling like I was spending too much time walking everywhere, and that it was really time I bought a bike.

So, passing the bike shop, I noticed two things:

  1. They had a jet black off road bike outside their shop (which served to grab my attention in the first place)

  2. The bike was on sale for £100

So I bought: A black bike, a black helmet, front and back lights with batteries, bike lock/chain (£14), an underseat bag (£10), a puncture repair kit with tools (£3) and oil (£3). The last 2 items I placed in the bag under the seat.

So I cycled into work (I'm working this Sat night and Sunday) with no problems. It's about time I got a bike.

Tags: camden, cycling, electric hellfire club, inkubus sukkubus, resurrection records, velvet acid christ, wumpscut
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