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House of the rising warmth

Our house had had all the insulation removed from the attic, and there's a large hole in the ceiling outside my room leading to the attic, where they're building some new stairs... in short... all the heat in the house disappears out of our attic. It's nearly as if we have no roof! I don't quite know why the workmen are doing things in the order that they're doing them in... anyway, they've casually mentioned that next week the roof is coming off entirely for a week.

Lucky thing the cold doesn't bother me. Although I'll dress up warm and not want to get up in the morning, it's ok.

Hopefully the landlord will stick to what he's said and make us pay less rent whilst he has the new floor added to our house! Afterwards, we'll have two new housemates and permanently cheaper rent.

I've been a bit insomniac recently, so tonight I'm putting on Enya.
Tags: cold, heating, house
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