Vexen Crabtree (vexen) wrote,
Vexen Crabtree

Normal journal entry!

I just spent two hours cleaning the kitchen! This house is the best I've lived in (and it's still strange that Orin is back in the same house!), even the student here is cleaner than most my previous housemates! I've been here a year and some months, and we still don't want to kill each other! (Except one feminine type who wants to kill *everyone* once a month of course, but she's always forgiven and I was exagerating anyway)

I'm on the last quarter of the Cisco CCNA course, learning about all kinds of interesting geeky things that I never knew existed. I should finish the course in three weeks. Should. Which is cutting it close because on 2003 Nov 24 I'm going away for three months and will be completely offline except for a weekend or two. I'll be 20 miles North of Birmingham. Staffordshire doesn't count as "Northern" or "Southern", it's one of the "Middle" counties. You've got "Nothern" accents (I spent 6 years in Lincolnshire and Yorkshire!) and "Southern" accents, but what are "Middle" accents called?

Anyway, they'll be training me to kill people with efficiency and confidence and training me to survive under any circumstances whatsoever. Oh, and they'll be lots of boot polish and ironing too. In a few more days I'll post a post telling everyone that I've joined the army! (Surely no-one reads this far down boring household journal entries?)
Tags: army, army training, cisco, cisco ccna, cleaning, housework, kitchen, staffordshire
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