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Vexen Crabtree 2015


Vexen Crabtree's Live Journal

Sociology, Theology, Anti-Religion and Exploration: Forcing Humanity Forwards

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Vexen Crabtree 2015

Normal journal entry!

I just spent two hours cleaning the kitchen! This house is the best I've lived in (and it's still strange that Orin is back in the same house!), even the student here is cleaner than most my previous housemates! I've been here a year and some months, and we still don't want to kill each other! (Except one feminine type who wants to kill *everyone* once a month of course, but she's always forgiven and I was exagerating anyway)

I'm on the last quarter of the Cisco CCNA course, learning about all kinds of interesting geeky things that I never knew existed. I should finish the course in three weeks. Should. Which is cutting it close because on 2003 Nov 24 I'm going away for three months and will be completely offline except for a weekend or two. I'll be 20 miles North of Birmingham. Staffordshire doesn't count as "Northern" or "Southern", it's one of the "Middle" counties. You've got "Nothern" accents (I spent 6 years in Lincolnshire and Yorkshire!) and "Southern" accents, but what are "Middle" accents called?

Anyway, they'll be training me to kill people with efficiency and confidence and training me to survive under any circumstances whatsoever. Oh, and they'll be lots of boot polish and ironing too. In a few more days I'll post a post telling everyone that I've joined the army! (Surely no-one reads this far down boring household journal entries?)

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but what are "Middle" accents called?

Brummie. AFAIK.

Ah that sounds right.

Well, actually it sounds horrible, which is why I think you're right :-)


(Surely no-one reads this far down boring household journal entries?)

Nah. We just read the first and last lines.

D'oh! Everyone does, I forgot about that!

I should I hidden it in the middle!

*sniffle* Well I read every line, all the way through...

*nibbles an almond cutely*

You really want to join the Army?? To learn to 'kill people with efficiency and confidence...'? Well, I guess that's what the army does; turns people into killing machines. Cops and military; the only people who are paid to get away with killing people. ::sigh:: I don't know about over there but the U.S. army also does a very good job of brainwashing and wiping out one's individual identity so to speak in order to become just a cog in a team that follows orders. You think you'll be happy with that or is British military much different?

Good luck with the CCNA course!

The British military *is* different.

"We will train you to be able to think on your feet under extreme pressure"

Here, absolute discipline *is* aimed for, because it's a means to an end, breeding both strength and willpower and self-control. You are not "just" a cog in a team... you are an important cog in a team, without that cog and without that teamwork, under stress, people cannot perform.

For example... there was a coach crash here a few months ago, with dozens injured.

An army convey happened to witness it... the soldiers cordened the road, looked after the injured (all soldiers are trained in first aid), done everything right. When the ambulances arrived they said, "The soldiers had done everything. They had dressed wounds perfectly, quickly made everything safe and were talking to all the wounded"

Every individual is trained to be able to keep thining (without such hard training, people break when in stress, soldiers don't), but also to operate seamlessly in a team.

I am excellent within authoritarian and strict command hierarchies, I suit the military style of obediance very well. I know when and how to question, and when and how to simply *do*. The training is the best in the world, and not just physical training.

I'm fed up of the unfit hordes of humanity. In the army there is self-development, permanent progress and training, fitness, healthiness, direction, a clear aim (other than "making money" which seems to be the aim of the rest of the world), a culture of no drugs and of striving to be the best.

It's the exact opposite lifestyle of materialistic commercialism, where laziness and pathetic irresponsibility go unchecked, and people merely drag themselves through what they *have* to do. In the Army, people DO what they're told, people get there on time and the harder you try the further you get!

In civvy street (read: a normal civilian), trying to be the best, competing to be fitter and being punctual can turn you into an anti-social fitness freak! Normal society is broken... I literally can't wait to get out of it!

Dang. I think maybe the U.S. military needs to take some lessons from the British! I don't think the 'being able to think on your feet under extreme pressure' is any different, and I'm sure the U.S. people get similar training in some areas (first aid, firearms, etc.), and they certainly do stay physically fit. I have several family members in the military. The one thing I DO wish is that they'd make them stop smoking! Almost EVERYone I know who is or was in the armed services smokes cigarettes, and usually drinks a lot during their time off.

There are other ways of going about self-development without it having to be all about money. Yes, we certainly do live in a materialist society here and obviously there, too. Some people use that as their aim in improving themselves or the world around them, but in using money in a way that's not detrimental. But I have to agree, I do see a LOT of lazy, irresponsible people, and part of it is because things have been made too easy and the government doesn't do enough to provide incentive. If anything, our tax system can work as a DIS-incentive because the more you make, the more they take. So, people who are only looking to *make money* find ways around the tax laws, and there are plenty of unscrupulous ways to make money in a very lazy fashion, sadly enough. I can't stand the f---ing LOSERS who use the system to get every godd*mn penny they can for FREE. They're perfectly able to work, not at all handicapped, and yet they F*CK people over and the government left and right. (Maybe they need to spend some time in the military!)

I'm kind of a fitness freak, but I'm not anti-social. ;) I was just gifted with a naturally athletic body and plenty of motivation. :Þ

The USA military is a bit infamous for being one of the least fit armies!

Yeah welfare system and tax system can both have pretty negative affects on society -- but it's hard to get around their necessity!

At least the people from my family who've been in the military (or still are) are VERY fit. My brother was in the Navy years ago and he was one of the strongest guys they had! I don't know where he hid all that strength, but he was also almost a black belt in Tae Kwan Do. He kept trying to teach me things like how to set people off-balance just using two of your fingers; finding pressure points... stuff like that. I still remember a little bit of it, but I didn't master it like he did. He could do endless one-arm push ups. Great ally, but terrible to get into a fight with. Really -- he was SCARY. ::blam-blam! cop down:: Stuff like that.

Systems: Yes, I know they're necessary. I just don't like it when people abuse them or use them UNnecessarily. It f*cks it up for everyone else.

(Deleted comment)
If there's ONE THING that phase one training will sort out it is:

To make sure that those who are NOT sure definately drop out.

I'm sure.

Not only am I sure, but it's like so perfect for me that I'm kicking myself I didn't do it years ago.

I had delusions that once I'd got on the career ladder I'd find out what the point of the commercial world was! I found out: There's no point! I could easily get paid more doing ever-better-paid internet programming & web programming jobs... and achieve what? : None of my personal aims, that's what! Fitness is a personal aim, as is changing the world, as is discipline and direction.

"Discipline" is an alien word to normal society. It scares people, but I'm lost without it! The great mystic disciplines of history were ascetic, included fitness, stamina and resilience training, and are more like the army than any commercial job!

Anyway I'm a very energetic 24/7 type person, I'm wasting myself on anything less, and no commercial company deserves to get a Vexen!

And *pounces anything that purrrs*

Anything that purrs has got to be warmer than me!

Livejournal Addiction?

2003 Nov 24 I'm going away for three months and will be completely offline except for a weekend or two.

That's so not good. Although I don't comment often I do make an effort to read your journal. The idea of going three months without an update from you is quite worrying.

*Contemplates joining Vexan Anonymous*

Maybe you'll be able to hail me over the military network. I'm starting in the TA on Tuesday :)

Nice journal. You don't know me or anything and I believe you lj was actually from the last person who used this box, but for lack of a life I thought I'd comment anyway'z. God sucks. I completed the ccna a few years ago, the test isn't tough but cisco is anal as hell so have a good memory and be sure to memorize the 20 or so points on their site or you're screwed over.

LJ certainly is popular... I think the government should assign people LiveJournal accounts when they're 16, same as they get National Insurance Numbers :-)

I describe CCNA as studying "The gospel accord to Cisco".

... wait till you get it and figure out it's just a piece of paper and all the Cisco stuph was a clever marketing scheme by the corporate masters to keep the cash flowing by offering worthless certification. ::sigh:: Always the CCSP ... works for me.

And yeah, lj is da bomb.

Totally off-topic:

Hey, I never saw this page of yours before! http://www.livejournal.com/users/vexen/201425.html

I like the disclaimer at the bottom... tee hee! :Þ

Bummer that you're leaving for three months. :(

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