October 4th, 2002

Vexen Crabtree 2015


Quazar was so much fun!!!!Running, ducking shooting chasing... constant requirement to be completely aware of all around you, checking corners and lines of sight... spotting people, shooting them... wheeeeee! Oh... and getting shot was OK because there's always the thought "thank god it's only Quazar!".

When you're trapped in a coridoor, with no exit and the enemy behind you and in front of you with only a barrel and a crevice in the wall for cover it feels so much better to be with someone else rather than on your own! With someone else, when you rest and think "I'm going to get shot!", it's better to be with someone with the same fear and resolve than to be on your own... where no-one can even empathize!

Learnt: Being with someone, even a stranger, makes you more comforted in times of stress.

Learnt: Ducking and diving constantly requires knee-muscle and calf muscles. Luckily I'm a cyclist... but I began to understand why everyone slows down, even after only 20 mins!

Learnt: When in combat mode, my body moves, crouches and becomes 200% more agile and observant than normal. It was great :-)

Favorite moment: Defending a stairwell. A girl on our team is there, I am covering our behind and we advance, she doesn't know I'm there. As she descends down the stairs I've decided no-one is coming down the coridoor behind us and we need to both be front-facing to get down the stairwell... but as I step down she hears me and nearly jumps out of her skin, she turns her head suddenly and looks terrified! Then... my favorite moment... complete relief on her face *Human emotion is wonderful*

2nd favorite:
Strolled into the arena, having no idea what it was going to be like. Coridoors, windows, grills, lots of eyesight. *thinks* Wow, you can see all over, if this was real I'd need to duck constantly rather than just walk. Then the realisation that actually we're already under fire and "duck" was more effective in action than thought.

Most embarrassing moment (luckily no friendly units observed this): Ran back to base to reload. Re-entered arena willing to be a bit trigger happy, found an area with Greens moving around, made an approach and then realized I hadn't loaded my gun properly and actually I didn't have any ammo. Imagine it from their point of view: Oh Shit, where did he come from! As I trained and went from one person's chest to the next with my sights... then... I promptly turn and run away and they realize I was out of ammo. Oh, how gleeful they must have been when they shot me in the back!

The result: Red team, including Vexen, 440. Green team: 110. Result! I came 7th out of 30 or so (15 per team). Not bad for first time!