October 30th, 2002

Vexen Crabtree 2015

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Sneaking around cooking at 5am... *was hungry*

Beans, bread, hash browns and potato waffles. Yummy... grill the latter 2 sets of items (3 of each). Do the washing up. Put beans in microwave and finish washing up.

Wait... as I went to get the beans my careful and quiet operation came a cropper. Beans... tins of beans... everywhere. I caught one of them. I've never heard such a noise.

I froze on the spot after the noise had stopped, and watched one desperate tin roll slowly along the kitchen floor before coming to rest. Oops. The one that rolled away wasn't the most amusing one though.

I finished the washing up to find the most amusing tin of beans in the bottom of the foamy washing up water. A bit soggy. I then realized that that was the reason that the tops, and my top, were covered in little bubbles. Before realizing that, I must have thought the bubbles had made an independent (but co-ordinated) getaway along with the beans.

I restored order. I sneaked up the stairs with yummy food, hoping the slight creaking wouldn't wake anyone up.