November 22nd, 2002

Vexen Crabtree 2015

Changes of mind

I support the USA and I support the removal of Hussein's government by whatever means necessary, and even support military action by the USA with or without the approval of the UN: However the USA would be wrong to go ahead with military action without this approval, I would still support it.

I am also changing my mind about Israel, and now support Israel instead of it's dectactors/victims which surround it. I find the Israeli government more agreeable than many others.

A dream

It's been a few monthes since I had a dream, and this is really is quite boring compared to the others:

I was a boot camp in a large military establishment. We were at the very bottom of a chain of life studies that sometimes produced the most elite people in the world. It was ran by goths and alternatives but populated mostly by mundane people.

I unpacked in my bleak white room and there was immediately some sexual interaction (nothing physical) between myself and my roommate. I can't remember if they were male or female though. At the first opportunity I hit the library. Loads of us went, including the parents of my housemate.

The library was huge! It had 50 floors. The lift took us up to floor 20, I and my friend were going to floor 30 or so because I was going to the religion section. They had a section on the "true meaning of religion" which was about the members of this Elite factory who had been the social manipulators that created the world's religion in order to control people.

After floor 20, the width/depth of the tall building reduced, so that the lift suddenly found itself on the outside of the building, the surrounding area became visible. It was alarming for a moment, as if the lift had suddenly shot through the edge of the building and was about to crash.

We got to the floor and I dreamt of several amazing books that I added to a trolley I was carrying around. My friend got bored and went to find his relatives. I then went to join them, and dragged the trolley down the stairs to their floor for the sake of the work-out.

I realized, when there, that we had to go soon. I took all the books off the trolley and removed my bookmarks from them (dozens of them...). They were watching me and I realized I was going to have to leave all the books there and not put them back in their original locations, and I could only take a few out (those that I could carry). So I kind of felt guilty about that.

That's it. I'm not putting this one online on account of it being too boring.