March 4th, 2003

Vexen Crabtree 2015

Near Cough!

Before my Thurs -> Monday partying, I noticed my housemates were coming down with illnesses. Penny and Chris both took days of work as a result... seemed like a bad cold, with a strong cough, a generic early-spring type of illness.

So, at Slimelight there were many people with coughs, and a friend said they noticed it, and has now got a cough! During Sunday I got a tiny cough and headache too, and my throat remained tingly all Monday. But today... no signs of the cough!

So yay, I haven't had a cough or cold since when I moved into this house, July last year. I'm inspired to keep a diary of such things... I'm always telling people "I never get ill!". Of course in reality, I do, I just tend to soldier on, and don't get things as severely as other people. I like to think this is because I drink lots of water and eat lots of beans :-)
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