March 18th, 2003

Vexen Crabtree 2015

CGI Dinosaurs

I dreamt that CGI dinosaurs took over the world!

Walking down a busy London high street with skyscrapers all about, a t-Rex appears on the horizon. Now, in the dream, there was a very good reason for this. I dreamt that I watched a film that only had some footage of a t-Rex, because rendering it in CGI took so long. I then thought, in the dream, that I'd be happy with a lower resolution one in order to see more of it. Unfortunately, this very thought appeared to spark an invasion of London by large and intelligent dinosaurs.

So you know the story, panic on a large scale, death, destruction of the Human race, Human beings are now reduced to prey, and we hide around like rodents. Then I imagine (oh gawd I know you'll all hate me for this after Independance Day, Saying Private Ryan, Air Force One, etc) that only the USA has held out, and they kill dinosaurs with airplanes and powerful rockets. But, then, out of nowhere, lots of large dinosaurs arise by surprise from the coastlines of the USA and overwhelm the ground forces, and pretty soon USA falls too.

Now, I personally am hiding in a series of large houses with other people. We hide in the rooms and in the furniture. For some reason, quite recently, all people have become rather quite small, and the dinosaurs are smaller too and can now fit inside the houses. In particular, they have entered our house and are tearing up all the furniute, leaving rubble, wood and foam all over the place.
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