May 21st, 2003

Vexen Crabtree 2015

Cybercafe again...

I visited a cybercafe and configured it's Outlook to download all my mail from since Tuesday, 8 days ago, I've got 750 emails. You know... really quite a lot... 93 per day or something. Of course my Outlook spam filters at home would normally delete a good portion of them, in my mind I only get 50 spams/emails a day.

Of those, I deleted all spam and all emails from mailing lists, and kept 36 emails... including LJ response emails, there were quite a few LondonFurs and Sluts emails, a few LondonSatanists, but in all I'd say 100 or so mailing list mails, meaning I get about (750-100-36/8)=(614/8)= 307/4 = 150/2 = 75 spams per day!

OK, I am taking emails home on a floppy, writing responses, then will email/post them to people in a few days time!

In other news, I've found a broadband provider (hint: it's not BT, the bastards) and will phone them later, cheaper than BT, allowing fixed IP address (for an extra £2 per month) too, and without a contract except 1-monthes-notice-to-quit.

And... I've now got a brand new four week fitness course to go through. Jogging will be the hardest part, by the end I am supposed to be doing 5 mile run per day, along with 30 pressups (I can do 15...), 30 situps (I can do like 40 or something, that's easy!) and other stuff.

I passed my first military test with nearly 100% ... and in half the allocated time too :-), they got a print out of options that included *every* option....