February 4th, 2006

Vexen Crabtree 2015

LJ Still Broken & Firefox

LJ is still broken and I can't reply or do other things that require me to be logged in. Something to do with cookies. It is affecting thousands of accounts. Especially mine. Also whatever change they made to the cookies (something techincal), the fault is only affecting IE.

So I've installed Firefox browser, but it's a hassle loading a non-default browser so I won't be on LJ much until they've fixed it.

This does mean of course that I'm now redoing the HTML & CSS on all webpages so that things look normal in Firefox. It does some obscure funny stuff with some of my CSS: Some of the stuff it does is just incomprehensibly dumb. But, I looked at my stats on www.vexen.co.uk for the last month, and 17% of my visitors use Firefox, so I'm doing it anyway.

To long-term Firefox users & in particular uptodate developers like Makali... any advise on Firefox compatibility? I.e., typical things it can't do, or that I should look out for?
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