February 1st, 2007

Vexen Crabtree 2015


Spent most the day at work soldering (after doing 1 hour fitness on the airfield), but got nowhere. We're making up 5 great big power cables, but, all three I worked on were going nowehere! Noone could attach the last piece of the head of the first one, so my good-soldering is so far wasted. We all spent time trying to disassemble the indestructible (black) head of another cable, and got nowhere. The third cable... the soldering just wasn't happening. The buckets were too big so our little soldering iron wasn't melting them properly. We got a heat gun, and managed to blister all the hard plastic that housed the buckets. Eventually got it, soldered it together, and realized that we'd missed a bit inside the head cable-side, meaning, we'd have to take the head off and do it again. Useless!

Had a similarly useless day yesterday trying to get some electrolyte mix for the truck batteries. Fun all morning. Result: No electrolyte, and still a small pile of old, dry batteries with no paperwork to show that the job was in action. Blah.
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