March 3rd, 2007

Vexen Crabtree 2015


I am now on Facebook: Vexen Crabtree... I hesitated (after a friend request) because I know it's another kid/teenage type site like MySpace, but actually it's not gnarish and it's laid out quite well and simply. It makes me wish LJ would let me list favourite films and music in a different list to 'interests' but anyway;

Oh yeah, because in my Facebook profile it only lets me import one blog, I've imported my Technorati fave-blog list. This list itself is an import of all my various blogs... so, I've by-proxy imported all my blogs into Facebook.

Oh damn, links to Facebook profiles don't work, so you have to be logged on to see profiles! I didn't notice that! How awkward! You can even search without being logged on, otherwise I could use a Crabtree type of link to get-around it.

Anyone else have Facebook account so I can add you?