March 4th, 2007

Vexen Crabtree 2015


Me being me, many might expect this post to be about chemistry...

Favourite drinks of the last few monthes:

  • Martini rosso & lemonade (old-time favourite, my first drink-of-choice)

  • Baileys & Cheap German creams (Dooley's, Carolines, Margot (Lidl))</p>
  • Malibu! (Been years since I bought a bottle of Malibu but got one during a big 2-monthly shop yesterday!)</p>
  • Anmerreto & Milk</p>
  • Cider - I don't drink spirits in pubs (its not cost effective), and often drink cider & black at home.

It's quite hard to get cider in German pubs. And... does anyone know, what goes well with Malibu? I've never mixed it with anything before, and it seems too sweet to be going putting anything fizzy with it.

My better half mostly just drinks cider and the occasional toddy (OJ, Whisky & hot water - no honey)...