June 1st, 2007

Vexen Crabtree 2015

A Whinge About My Accomodation

My accomodation is rubbish. The showers hardly work... the water is either freezing cold or boiling hot... none of the temperature dials do anything but slightly change the water pressure from "measly" to "dribbly". We have to basically hug the far wall of the shower chambers & control dial, so that the water drools on us. It's exactly the opposite of what you want after the hard, physical work we do all day!

And... there is no internet connection, no wireless, and no chance to get any. That's why I roam London finding starbucks to sit in, to check emails and things!

The laundry is rubbish, the machines continually break down, they don't drain, they appear to wash clothes in cold water so the powder doesn't dissolve properly, they cost £2 to do a rubbish wash, and the dryers hardly work either. Last night I put my clothes on three drying cycles, and they still came out damp. My room is full of hanging clothes, over every surface. Very annoying. They haven't dried quick enough, after sitting in the dryers for over 2 hours, still wet, they're all going to smell before they dry so I'll probably have to do them again! I can't find any laundrettes nearby either. I've looked.

Also, there are vermin that scutter around the rooms at night. One ran over my foot last week.

That's it. Whinge over. I do actually feel better.