July 24th, 2007

Donnie Darko

Mrs Crabtree...

Mrs Crabtree is a good person... she doesn't like being online much. She is independent and wise in a very common-sense, Earthly way. She is wonderfluly ignorant of religion and theology, like an adult implicit atheist. She is independent and strong.

I care about grand concepts, the eternality of thought, change and progress... I am Carl Sagan and the United Nations... Mrs Crabtree is the opposite. She cares about individual people, friends, the stability of peoples' everyday lives, and the importance of living good. She is the unit of the life, I am the overarching theory of life.

My worst point is my misanthropy... her worst point is her stoicism. So, I get bored and socially confused when she talks to about trivial human matters, who-did-what-to-who, etc, and she gets bored and confused when I talk about lofty concepts like democracy, sociology, the big existential questions and the subtleties of Human emotion.

On account of her not being online, I am afraid I either need to think of a 'codename' for her which is more personable than "Mrs Crabtree"... but what? She hasn't liked anything I have thought of, and doesn't care enough to think of anything for herself.
Vexen Crabtree 2015


I don't like people.

(This post was prompted by what Mrs Crabtee (the 'Long-haired sergeant-major?') just brought to my attention... some guy told some other guy that he couldn't continue to smoke in a pub... the latter guy shot him in the face.)

Seriously... smokers really annoy me! And by association, so do all people.

Especially stupid ones.